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Preparing for the A2 exam Summer 2014 English Language B.

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1 Preparing for the A2 exam Summer 2014 English Language B

2 Key questions What key skills and knowledge are units 3 (Developing Language) and 4 (Investigating Language) assessing? What knowledge/skills do you need to demonstrate? What qualities characterise A/A* responses? How can you raise your performances: from lower mid-level to a higher level? How can you develop knowledge /skills that you find difficult?

3 GradeBoundary mark% of candidates in grade A* 831.60 A 716.02 B 5916.46 C 4728.92 D 3627.07 E 2515.22 Summer 2011 data: ENGB3

4 AO1: Select & apply a range of linguistic methods, to communicate relevant knowledge using appropriate terminology and coherent accurate written expression (30% A2) AO2: Demonstrate critical understanding of a range of concepts and issues related to the construction and analysis of meanings in spoken and written language, using knowledge of linguistic approaches (20% A2) AO3: Analyse and evaluate the influence of contextual factors on the production and reception of spoke and written language, showing knowledge of the key constituents of language (10% A2) Assessment Objectives for Unit 3

5 Engage with the data Plan your answers Manage your time Select salient aspects Work with the AO weighting Apply concepts relevantly What works well?

6 Engaging with the actual data Careful annotation and planning before writing Writing with a sense of purpose /effective structuring of written responses Integrating AOs within paragraphs Open-mindedness / willingness to see challenges Consistent performance in Acquisition and Change What qualities characterise A/A* responses?

7 Describing the data Focusing on quantity not quality Not planning answers Digressing from the data Engaging with the genre Overlooking context in Language Acquisition What doesn’t work well?

8 Work with genre (literacy / change) Engage interest with varied resources Practise annotation and data selection skills Use essay frameworks Make links between context / concepts and language features Raising your performance from the mid-level bands

9 Identify performance levels for each Assessment Objective Practise and improve single paragraphs of analysis Do topic-based extension reading Be more selective in your application of language concepts Establish ‘thinking’ before ‘writing’ Surprise yourself regularly with unseen data Question and challenge Raising your performance even higher…

10 Know the relevant concepts and theories for speech and literacy development Apply knowledge to unseen data – practise! Select and apply appropriate language methods to specific examples Appreciate the impact of context Preparing for language acquisition

11 What resources can you recommend to develop other students’ knowledge of language acquisition concepts? Further Thinking


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