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Busy At School By: Brycie Wilson Reading A-Z Level C.

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1 Busy At School By: Brycie Wilson Reading A-Z Level C

2 1. What is the main idea of the story?

3 2. Which activity do the children do outside?

4 3. What do the children need to share?

5 4. What is something the children could NOT do at school?

6 5. What is a game?

7 Picture Symbols for Book



10 Reading A-Z Worksheet #1  Follow the instructions on the worksheet. Students have to cut out pictures at the bottom of the page and fill them in under the correct description. For the last column, students can draw or use pictures provided to fill in two things that they like to do at school.

11 Worksheet #1 cont.

12 Reading A-Z worksheet #2  Print out worksheet  Have students identify each picture  Have students write the letter under each picture for the initial consonant sound that they hear. If a child cannot write they can glue the correct letter.  If a child is not ready for this skill you could work on picture identification using the pictures provided on the worksheet.

13 Reading A-Z Worksheet #3  Print out worksheet.  Have students cut out the word cards.  Play My Pile, Your Pile with a partner.  See lesson plan for game instructions.

14 Fill in the blank  Use the pictures provided with each sentence to fill in the blank. Students can circle their answer, cut and paste their answer, or drag their answer if completing the activity on the computer.

15 1. The children are at school.

16 2. The children a song.

17 3. The children to a story.

18 4. The children snacks.

19 5. The children toys.

20 Matching  Print out two sets of the pictures provided to be used for a matching activity.


22 Sorting  Use the headings and pictures provided to sort things children do at school and things children do at home.



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