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How eating right and exercise improve life-long health

2 Learning Objectives Learn the 5 food groups that make a balanced meal
Identify which food group a given food is in Recall that a colorful diet helps provide nutrients the body needs Understand that eating right and exercise make you healthier and feel better

3 A Balanced Meal Includes 5 Food Groups
Grains Protein Vegetables Fruit Dairy Not every meal needs to have all 5 groups, but you should eat a variety of foods throughout the day. So if no vegetable at breakfast, choose a vegetable for a snack later.

4 How to Build a Balanced Meal
Make half of your plate vegetables and fruits Add a palm sized serving of a protein food Add a palm sized serving of grains Finish with 1 cup of milk or dairy food Yogurt, cheese, non-dairy milk

5 Building a Balanced Lunch
Sides: Apples Oranges Fruitables Plus Juice Pineapple Green / Red Peppers Green Peas Milk: White, chocolate, strawberry Today’s Lunch Menu: Entrees: Slow Roasted Breaded Chicken Tacos Mini Cheeseburgers Yogurt with Granola Bar Ask class to use today’s lunch menu to build a balanced lunch that includes all 5 components / food groups. What would you grab to make a lunch with all 5 food groups?

6 Build a Lunch Tacos Orange Milk What food group is missing?

7 Why should we eat COLORFUL meals?
A healthy body needs nutrients (like vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fats) for growth, development, energy, and running all of our body systems. Just as cars need gasoline to run, your body needs food to keep it going. But not just any food! To be your healthiest, and to look and feel your best, you need to give your body the right kinds and amounts of fuel. Source:

8 Why should we eat COLORFUL meals?
To fuel your body with all the nutrients it needs, you must eat a variety of foods, because each type of food has different nutrients First, balance your plate with the 5 food groups Second, eat a variety of colors for fruits and vegetables to get different nutrients Source:

9 Activity: Identify Food Groups
Grains / Protein / Vegetables / Fruit / Dairy

10 Activity: Identify Food Groups
Grains / Protein / Vegetables / Fruit / Dairy

11 Activity: Measuring Up MyPlate worksheet
Vegetables: 2 cups Fruits: cups Grains: 5 ounces (half should be whole grains) Protein: 5 ounces Dairy: cups

12 Balance is Key to Being Healthy – Eat Right and Exercise
Eating a balanced diet with a variety of foods is one part of health Exercise is also needed to stay healthy and feel better Why is it important to eat right and exercise? How can we get in at least 60 minutes of exercise a day? Name some activities. Why? Feel less stressed. Feel better about yourself. Feel more ready to learn in school. Keep a healthy weight. Build and keep healthy bones, muscles and joints. Sleep better at night. Activities: Running, biking, playing tag, jump rope, jumping jacks during commercials, play a sport

13 QUESTIONS? Remember to build meals with the 5 groups
Eat a variety of foods and colors during the day Exercise at least 60 minutes a day; can be in several short sessions, just move!


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