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University of California Santa Cruz

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1 University of California Santa Cruz
By: Zachary Zisser, Sarah-Ann Longworth School site:


3 Location Santa Cruz is located in the Santa Cruz, California
Its 471 miles from San Diego and approximately an 8 hour drive. Has very updated building and well maintained, partially suburban and in a Forest

4 Size The Enrollment into the school in 2011 was 15,668
The Campus is a total of 6,651 acres large

5 Environment The Campus is open to both male and females.
All there dorms are also Co-ed, with males and females on same floors. The school is not affiliated with and religion The closest city Is Santa Cruz which is  sq mi and is known as the surf city with a population of around 60,000 people.


7 Admission Requirements
ACT Comprehensive (freshmen) 26 ACT–Reading (freshmen) 27 ACT–Mathematics (freshmen) ACT–English with Writing (freshmen) 25 SAT Reasoning–Critical Reading (freshmen) 580 SAT Reasoning–Math (freshmen) 605 SAT Reasoning–Writing (freshmen) 591 SAT Total (freshmen) 1776 GPA (high school–for freshmen) 3.76

8 Expenses On-Campus Off-Campus Commuter Tuition and Fees $13,538
Room and Board $14,871 $10,242 $4,422 Books and Supplies $1,407 Transportation $684 $1,365 $1,683 Personal Expenses $1,470 $1,794 Campus Health Insurance* $1,558 Total California Resident Budget $33,423 $29,580 $24,402 Non-Resident Tuition $22,878 Total Non-California Resident Budget $56,301 $52,458 $47,280


10 Financial Aid Application fee is $70.
Application deadline is March 2nd FAFSA State aid form Other: California Student Aid Commission GPA verification form for California residents

11 Housing Coed Housing Men's Housing Women's Housing
Apartments For Married Students Apartments For Single Students Cooperative Housing Special Housing For International Students Wellness housing (alcohol/drug/smoke-free) First-Year Students Guaranteed On-Campus Housing Amount of housing deposit: $150

12 Facilities Research Facilities Arts and Performing Arts Facilities
Information Technology Recreational Facilities Various bike paths and hiking trails Unique facilities: observatories, arboretum, agro ecology farm, campus preserve, nonlinear science center, music center, bilingual research center, institutes of marine sciences, tectonics, particle physics, center for adaptive optics

13 Activities Clubs: badminton, baseball, boating, cheerleading, women's competitive dance/drill team, cross-country, cycling, disc golf, diving, equestrian and dressage, fencing, ping pong, racquetball, rugby, Special Olympics, track and field, triathlon, Ultimate Frisbee, water polo, men's lacrosse, and men's Sports for men and women: soccer, basketball, cross country, soccer, golf, swimming, tennis and volleyball Over 100 student organizations and clubs

14 Campus Visits To schedule a tour: The school is over 2,000 acres in size, therefore, the school has campus shuttles to easily show the campus. Tours are offered throughout the year for students and their families.

15 Academics Yes, my major is offered, which is Special Education.
Student/teacher ratio 18:1 Currently, only 14% of their courses have more than 100 students enrolled, and 68% of their courses have fewer than 30 students enrolled. Their largest lecture hall, Classroom Unit 2, holds 473 students

16 The End

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