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Sector Skills Alliances Erasmus+ 2014-2020. Learning Mobility Staff High education students Vocational and education training students Master students.

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1 Sector Skills Alliances Erasmus+ 2014-2020

2 Learning Mobility Staff High education students Vocational and education training students Master students Youth mobility Co-operation for innovation and good practices Knowledge Alliances Sector Skill AlliancesSector Skill Alliances Strategic Partnerships IT support platforms E-twinning Capacity building in third countries Support for policy reform Open Method of Coordination EU transparency tools Policy dialogue

3 Sector – in which sense? Economic sector as defined by Eurostat (NACE) Examples: C-Manufacturing J-Information and communication Q-Human health and social work 3

4 Lessons learned  One third of LdV projects were sector-based  Analysis of LdV sector-based innovative projects  2012 Pilot Sector Skills Alliances (Automotive industry, Elderly care, Sustainable construction, Tourism)  2013 priority "Sector Skills Alliances" for LdV Development of Innovation projects – Evaluators feed-back 4

5 Relevant EU initiatives European Sector Skills Councils: Platform at European level for improving skills intelligence, highlighting skills mismatches and for shaping the educational and training offer correspondingly. Such Sector Skills Councils exist already for the Textile/clothing/leather sector, and Commerce. Skills Panorama: Comprehensive and user-friendly central access point for information and intelligence on skill needs in occupations and sectors across Europe. 5

6 Relevant EU initiatives ESCO: ESCO is the multilingual classification of European Skills, Competences, Qualifications and Occupations. It identifies and categorises skills and competences, qualifications and occupations relevant for the EU labour market and education and training, in 22 European languages. The system provides occupational profiles showing the relationships between occupations, skills, competences and qualifications. ESCO has been developed in an open IT format and is available for everyone to use free of charge. It does not set up competence standards. 6

7 Activities 3. Delivering joint curricula 2. Designing joint curricula 1. Defining skills & training needs for professional profiles

8 Social partner involvement Quality assurance - EQAVET Learning-outcomes approach - ECVET Qualifications frameworks – NQF/EQF Work-based learning

9 Expected Outcomes Evidence on sector skills needs - Defintion of competence standards Curriculum design Curriculum delivery - Recognition Disseminati on - Professional orientation

10 Partnership 10 Transnational VET content for European professional core profiles Bodies with regulatory function Networks of VET providers Partners representative in sector

11 What a good SSA proposal should have taken into account:  Sector Skills Alliance should take into account work of European Sector Skills Council and ESCO if existing in relevant sector  If skills needs not identified yet then Alliance should include research institution competent in relevant sector  European umbrella organisations or National players with European outreach  Alliance should ensure recognition in partner countries during project or make it highly probable that this will happen afterwards  Dissemination to services counselling on professional orientation/career guidance 11

12 Budget:  About € 130 mio.  Grants between € 700.000 and € 1.000.000 (subject to review)  2 or 3 years  Grant for implementation support based on staff unit costs (covering all project expenditure) and in duly justified cases for mobility activities. Target: Up to 150 Sector Skills Alliances by 2020 12

13 Sector Skills Alliances selected in 2014 13 ORGANISATION- Institution Name Application TitleSector Application Grant Requested CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY OF SLOVENIA Skills in metal and electro industry Advanced manufacturing 626.708 CENTRO STUDI CULTURA SVILUPPO ASSOCIAZIONE Sector Skills Alliance for Advanced Manufacturing in the Transport Sector Advanced manufacturing 993.844 EUROTRANING EDUCATIONAL ORGANIZATION Skills for the creative economy Cultural and Creative sectors 993.643 ERIFO Vocational Educational Training Skills for the development of the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Recycling System Environmental technologies (Eco-Innovation) 560.525 COVENTRY UNIVERSITY ENTERPRISES LIMITED VET open course for mobile apps creators Information and communication technologies 947.353 FEDERACIÓN DE TRABAJADORES INDEPENDIENTES DE COMERCIO European standards for qualifications and skills in the e- commerce sector Commerce 880.455

14 Additional information on the internet Erasmus+: plus/index_en.htm On-going pilot projects: policy/sector-skills_en.htm

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