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2 EZiHosting

3 1.Smartphones and tablets proliferation 2.Push notification – engaging with your clients 3.QR codes making it easy 4.Reserve that seat 5.Coupons and specials 6.Getting to your shop – give customers directions 7.Rewarding your customers 8.Announce your special events 9.Facebook, Twitter (and the rest) 10.Engaging with your customers through mobile EZiHosting / / EZiHosting

4 EZiHosting / / EZiHosting engage Your customers are using Mobile devices to engage with your business…

5 LOCAL EZiHosting is your LOCAL specialist in mobile marketing and mobile App development. We will work hard to make sure that your mobile App is: suited to your business needs ready to use in weeks giving you a great return on investment simple to update and manage by you a great communication tool to engage with your customers easy to find and download from Google Play and iTunes EZiHosting / / EZiHosting

6 EZiHosting / / EZiHosting Keep your customers up-to-date with news and events from your business News & Events Guide your customers directly to your door. Thanks to geo-localisation your visitors can find directions to your store Geo-Localisation We all know how frustrating it is to find a phone number. Now your customers can call you directly from your app Touch 2 Call Having a quite afternoon? Send special deals and coupons to your customers mobile phones Coupons Word of mouth is important to any business. So why not get your customers talking about your app on Facebook and twitter Social Networks Thanks to your app you can send an alert message to all your customers phones without paying SMS costs Push Notifications

7 Included in all of our apps is a powerful content management system (CMS) where you can easily update your apps content & send push notifications. Take control of your apps content EZiHosting / / EZiHosting

8 Special deals Entice your customers with a special deal and get them engaged. Specials are a great way to create repeat business and build a relationship with your clients. Set your start and end date, upload a graphic and write up your deal; it is easy and your customers will love you for it. EZiHosting / / EZiHosting

9 Maps & directions Make it easy for your customers to find you; give them directions to your shop. Just enter your address and that is it! EZiHosting / / EZiHosting

10 Touch 2 Call Convert potential clients into customers with this “One-Click- Call”. Make it easy for your customers to get in contact. No more looking for the number; just click! EZiHosting / / EZiHosting

11 Manage what you sell Simply add new products and list them in your own categories. Easily updated… EZiHosting / / EZiHosting

12 Keep engaging… Push notification is easy to manage and a great way to engage with your customers. EZiHosting / / EZiHosting

13 Add your special events Add a new event, set the date, upload some graphics and type your description; done! EZiHosting / / EZiHosting

14 Show the weather Let your customers know what the local weather is like so they use your App more often… Just add your town and country and your local weather is configured EZiHosting / / EZiHosting

15 360 degrees view If you want to show off your business premises then why not use the 360 degree slideshow and walk your customers through your shop… EZiHosting / / EZiHosting

16 Facebook & Twitter Link your App with your social media. Just enter your account details and your social media feeds will show on your App. EZiHosting / / EZiHosting

17 Building forms Get feedback from your clients by building your own forms… EZiHosting / / EZiHosting

18 Know what is happening Keep up to date with your customers and how they use your App. See how many times your App is downloaded and much more… EZiHosting / / EZiHosting

19 EZiHosting / / EZiHosting Great value Android AND iTunes You get 2 Apps; 1 for Google Play (Android) and 1 for iTunes (Apple) iPhone simulator See your App in action online whilst we develop it $699 set-up We build the App for you and publish it $7.95 per month Includes unlimited push notification

20 EZiHosting / / EZiHosting Your App within 2 weeks Free listing in your local EZiFind Directory (save $125 per year) Bonus CMS upgrade Discount qualification? Go do it! Go do it! Go do it! Go do it!

21 Please contact us if you have any questions Giulio Volpi Ghirardini 0424 218 861 EZiHosting / / EZiHosting

22 EZiHosting / /

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