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 What’s important to you?  In what do you excel?  What do you love to do?

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2  What’s important to you?  In what do you excel?  What do you love to do?

3 Apartment Car Payment Car Insurance/Gas/Maintenance Gas/Electricity Phone/Internet/Cable Food Entertainment Total $1,000 $300 $450 $150 $350 $200 $2,650 A MONTH!!! Pg 10

4 Sample salaries (based on 40 hours/week) Minimum wage is $7.25/hour $7.25 hourly=$1,160 monthly-Taxes= $789 monthly take-home pay $8.50 hourly=$1,360 monthly-Taxes= $925 monthly take-home pay $10.00 hourly=$1,600 monthly-Taxes= $1,088 monthly take-home pay $20.00 hourly=$3,200 monthly-Taxes= $2,176 monthly take-home pay Pg 10

5 Pay Check Pay to the order of Jane Eyre Four-Hundred Six Dollars and Zero Cents EarningsRate Hours This period Regular$15.0040$600.00 Gross Pay$600.00 DeductionsStatutory Federal Income Tax-$102.00 State/Local Income Tax -$36.00 Social Security Tax -$36.00 Other Health Insurance -$20.00 Net Pay$406.00 Per Month Gross Wages (x4 weeks) $2,400.00 Taxes Withheld -$408.00 -$144.00 Other Deductions -$80.00 Net Pay $1,624.00 Total Expenses : $2,650 !!! $1,000 over budget! Pg 10

6 Occupation Education Projected Openings in 2020 Median Hourly Wage Median Monthly Wage Median Annual Wage Pediatrician Doctoral or Professional degree220$64.75$10,752$129,025 Lawyer Doctoral or Professional degree4,020$48.50$8,848$106,175 Veterinarian Doctoral or Professional degree585$49.25$8,450$101,400 Biomedical Engineer Bachelor’s degree365$43.00$7,550$90,600 Mechanical Engineer Bachelor’s degree2,160$43.25$7,406$88,875 Speech Language Pathologist Master’s degree1,130$40.25$6,938$83,250 Nurse (registered) Associate’s degree22,020$35.25$6,350$76,200 Accountant/Auditor Bachelor’s degree8,305$33.25$5,760$69,125 Writer Bachelor’s degree870$32.25$5,540$66,475 Environmental Scientist Bachelor’s degree1,150$32.75$5,210$62,525 Teacher Bachelor’s degree32,690$30.00$5,147$61,758 Police Officer High school diploma6,170$26.50$4,681$56,175 Forensic Science Technician Bachelor’s degree250$25.75$4,519$54,225 Administrative Assistant High school diploma17,365$25.00$4,277$51,325 Graphic Designer Bachelor’s degree2,240,$24.25$4,223$50,675 Real Estate Sales Agent High school diploma2,050$19.25$3,683$44,200 Carpenter High school diploma4,980$20.50$3,523$42,275 Dental Assistant Certificate2,220$17.00$2,823$33,875 Fitness Trainer High school diploma2,880$15.50$2,673$32,075 Emergency Medical Technician Certificate2,325$19.25$2,573$30,875 Retail Sales Person High school diploma66,190$10.25$1,746$20,950 Waiter or Waitress High School diploma27,295$9.00$1,529$18,350 Pg 11


8 Your Personal Information Pg 4

9 Your Grades and Attendance By Year Pg 4

10 A Summary of Your Grades and Your Service Learning Hours Pg 4

11 Other Information: *Activities, *Awards, *Grade Point Average (GPA) Pg 4

12 Pg 5


14 I will show up for class or work! I am dependable and reliable!

15 I can take on a challenge!

16 I am prepared for college work! I have the skills needed to be successful!

17 Maryland Scholars Course of Study Pg 6 4 Credits of English 4 Credits of Math (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II ) 3 Credits of Lab Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics* 3 Credits of Social Science (U.S. History, World History, Government) 2 credits of same Foreign Language Students must attain a 3.0 GPA to Qualify A 3 rd lab science may be substituted for Physics

18  Get into college or get a job with benefits  Qualify for scholarships  Graduate from college  Earn more money in salaries (whether you go to college or not)

19 Preserve them by taking the right courses in high school!

20  A goal is what you aim or strive to accomplish. So make them S.M.A.R.T. S pecific: What is it? M easureable: How will you measure success? A chievable : What actions will you take? R ealistic: What results do you hope to see? T ime bound : How much time will it take? Pg 8

21 _______________________’s Goal Worksheet My goals are:I will do the following to help me achieve my goal: I will reach my goal by (date) Example: I will move my math grade from a “C” to a “B”. 1)Study at least 30 minutes more a night 2)Ask for extra work as needed 3)Get a tutor if it gets too hard End of 2 nd quarter Pg 8

22 Find information on:  Jobs  College  How to win prizes  Careers of the future!

23  Set some goals.  Talk with your counselor and parents about being a Maryland Scholar  Go to and create an account – stay with it!  Work hard, have fun and CREATE YOURSELF!

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