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Allen High School Eagle Scholars High School and Beyond! 1.

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1 Allen High School Eagle Scholars High School and Beyond! 1

2 2 Hello... o My name is… o My job is… o My educational background is…

3 3 High School & Beyond I am here to talk to you about: o High school and the important choices you will soon make. o How these choices will effect you after high school. o Allen High School Eagle Scholars program.

4 Allen High School o You will have to make choices about : Classes Career Pathways School Activities Organizations And how you spend your time! o You need to make an informed choice so that you have options for the future. 4

5 Good Choices….More Options Good, well-paying jobs go to those who prepare. Take advantage of a well-rounded education. Learn to adapt to changes and challenges. 5

6 Change is Constant 6 What will the next 10 years bring? o Technology advances o Competition in a global economy o Changes in education

7 7 Change? Choices? Success? Let’s talk about changes that you have seen … What challenges do you think you will face when you reach high school?

8 o 80% of future jobs will require a technical certification or a 2 or 4 year college degree. o Be prepared! Take advantage of all that high school offers: Dual Credit, AP & IB classes, Career & Technology, Eagle Scholar Recognition. WillYOU be ready? 8

9 9 What Is An Eagle Scholar? An Eagle Scholar is an Allen High School student who: o Commits to taking rigorous courses that challenge them to do their best; o Develops good communications skills; o Volunteers and is involved in their school and community – and learns to work as part of a team; o Understands the connection between level of education and career and job opportunities.

10 10 Getting Started Develop a high school plan with your counselor and parents. Investigate options using NAVIANCE: technical training, college, military service, scholarships and more.

11 11 Eagle Scholar REQUIREMENTS: To be eligible you must have completed your Sophomore year and Score Level III Advanced on STAAR End-of-Course exams * Details on the AHS campus website.

12 12 o Take the ASPIRE in 9 th grade (provided for free at Lowery Freshman) o Take PSAT in 10 th grade and 11 th grade (provided free in 10 th grade) o Take a College Entrance Exam in 11 th and 12 th grade (SAT and ACT) Eagle Scholar REQUIREMENTS:

13 13 o Good grades in challenging courses o Strong science and math grades o Good writing skills o Technology knowledge and skills o Good communication skills both written and verbal and ability to work as part of a team o Ability to think critically and make decisions What will Employers and Colleges Want from you?

14 14 o Inappropriate social media posts and pictures. o Criminal record. o Lack of challenging high school courses. o Dropping out of challenging courses and activities your senior year. What Employers/Colleges DO NOT Want to see

15 Your OPTIONS After High School Work Ready Military Service Technical Certifications & Associate’s Degree 4-Year College or University HighSchool 15

16 $$ So Think About It… 16

17 Imagine... $28,080 Annual Salary $2,333 monthly budget ItemPayment Amount Left Federal Income Tax (10%) $233 $2,100 Social Security Tax (7.65%) 178 1,922 Medical/dental insurance + out-of-pocket150 1,772 Housing (Rent - 1 Bdrm, Unfurnished) 600 1,172 Food 330 842 Car Payments300 542 Car Insurance167 375 Gas, Oil, etc. 70 305 Telephone 30 275 Utilities105 170 Clothing 30 140 Entertainment 30 110 Personal Items 25 85 Furniture, TV, appliances 50 35 Savings 25 10 Miscellaneous 10 0 17

18 Minimum Wage vs. Skilled Job You Choose! Unskilled Labor LaborSkilled $7.25 x 40 hrs/wk $290.00 x 52 wks/yr$15,080 $13.50 x 40 hrs/wk x 40 hrs/wk$540.00 x 52 wks/yr x 52 wks/yr $28,080 $28,080 18

19 19 Option 1: Work Ready o Retail Sales o Receptionist o Bill/Account Collector o Medical/Dental Assistant o Social/Human Service Assistant o Cashier o General Office Clerk $ 18,500 - $25,760

20 20 Option 2: Military Service Careers ARMY, NAVY, AIR FORCE, MARINES, COAST GUARD, MERCHANT MARINES Potential Annual Salary Enlisted, basic pay: $18,000 Aircraft Mechanic: $36,600 Military Pilot: $72,300

21 21 Option 3: Technical or Community College o One to two year program that earns technical/career certifications. o Two year program at a community, or junior college earning an Associate’s Degree Potential Annual Salary $20,000 +

22 22 Jobs Requiring certifications Starting Salaries with Certificates and/or Associate Degree Licensed Vocational Nurse $41,494 Accounting Clerk $19,933 Radiologic Technologist $33,881 Electrician $26,108 Physical Therapy Assistant$32,928 Chemical Technician $33,208 CAD Drafter $35,983 Electronic Technician $35,161 Forensic Science Tech $28,313 Source: Texas Workforce Commission—Wage Information Network, Texas Statewide Entry Wage 22

23 23 Option 4: College or University o A four-year program that results in a Bachelor’s degree. o Many universities also offer Master’s degree and Doctoral degree programs. Potential Annual Salary $40,000+

24 24 professional Jobs Starting Salaries with 4-year College Degrees Chemical Engineer $50,060 Wildlife Biologist $41,400 Registered Nurse $47,710 Accountant $42,233 Network Administrator $48,520 Public School Teacher $45,000 Physician’s Assistant $64,770 Statisticians $52,490 Computer Software Engineer $67,620 Source: Texas Workforce Commission—Wage Information Network, Texas Statewide Entry Wage; US Dept of Labor; US Census Bureau 24

25 On average a person who attends college or technical school will earn more money and have more choices during their career. Average Annual Income of high school grad: $28K (less than $1 million lifetime) Average Annual Income of college grad: $52K (more than 1.7 million lifetime) plus benefits and retirement 25 Good Choices NOW mean more opportunities in the future!

26 Start Now... Make choices that will give you the best OPTIONS over the next four years! o Explore Naviance o Talk to people who have jobs that interest you o Talk to your parents about paying for college or technical school o Work a part-time job and save! o Get involved in clubs, organizations, and activities at school (this is a must) o Volunteer in your community (Service Learning) 26

27 27 o Your choices and your performance – even in 9 th grade - will affect your future. o You have options after high school – start researching and planning for them NOW! o Lowery Freshman Center & Allen High School have resources; visit the College and Career Center.

28 28 Class of 2019 “Seniors 19” You Can Graduate as an Eagle Scholar!

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