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Deloitte Consulting SCOOPS Session September 2003.

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1 Deloitte Consulting SCOOPS Session September 2003

2 © Deloitte Consulting, 2003 - 2 - Objectives/ Agenda  What is Consulting?  Analyst Roles  Consulting Project Profiles  Week In the Life of An Analyst  Deloitte Consulting Culture

3 © Deloitte Consulting, 2003 - 3 - What is Consulting? Consulting Industry TrainingCareer DevelopmentExtra Curricular  New Hire School  Technology specific training  E-learning  On-site training  Formal counseling  Goal setting  Performance feedback  Project staffing  Peer level networking  Community service  Office initiatives  Social events  Delivers innovative solutions for our clients ‘heart of the business’ projects  Offers dynamic work experience – challenging/fast pace environment  Provides exposure to broad range of industries and technologies  Entails significant client collaboration and teamwork  Requires rapid on-site learning at client site  Presents leadership and decision making opportunities to junior staff  Involves considerable amount of travel

4 © Deloitte Consulting, 2003 - 4 - Analyst Roles FunctionalTechnical  Application Development  Package Customization  Network Design  Technology Assessment  Project Planning  Benchmarking  Communication Planning  Financial Modeling  Business Process Design  Data Model Design  System Test Planning  The Deloitte Consulting Analyst program is typically a two year track  Project roles range in duration from several weeks to several months  There is a considerable overlap between the System Analyst and Business Analyst programs. However, SA’s are typically assigned more technical tasks and BA’s are typically assigned more functional tasks Analyst Qualifications System Analyst  Strong academic performance  Demonstrated leadership and professionalism  Superior quantitative, problem solving, team building and analytical skills  Effective interpersonal skills  Demonstrated aptitude for information technology  Willing to travel Business Analyst  Strong academic performance  Demonstrated leadership and professionalism  Superior quantitative, problem solving, team building and analytical skills  Effective interpersonal skills  Demonstrated aptitude for performing data analysis, business modeling and research  Willing to travel

5 © Deloitte Consulting, 2003 - 5 - Consulting Project Profiles Manufacturing Company X  MCX engaged Deloitte to develop a strategic materials sourcing process in their organization. The goal was to reduce spending on direct materials by $4.2M and gain a competitive advantage from improved procurement.  Deloitte and MCX undertook a six-month effort using our Strategic Sourcing Methodology. Key project activities included defining material requirements, analyzing the capabilities of the supply market, developing an evaluation model for suppliers, and negotiating supplier contracts.  Deloitte Consulting partnered with FCY to custom develop their next generation clearing system for financial products, a 500 person-year, $100M effort. The first steps of the project were to revise FCY’s existing Systems Development Life Cycle process to better suit such a large-scale endeavor and to develop a roadmap for the project.  The custom developed application consists of 680 screens and 210 batch programs Project Description  The strategic sourcing process implemented at MCX has led to $5.7M savings in the first year. Deloitte recommended process enhancements to further improve and helped MCX institute a tracking mechanism to ensure sustained cost savings.  Maintain Project Workplan  Supplier Research & Analysis  Conduct Interviews Financial Company Y  The new system supports industry trends toward new product offerings and real-time processing. Deloitte also established a robust issue tracking and resolution process, developed comprehensive status metrics across project teams, and defined a process for future application maintenance that accounts for cross-enterprise impacts and dependencies.  Java Development  Architecture Design  Data Modeling  Business Process Modeling  Develop Evaluation Model Logic  Technology Vendor Selection Analysis  Business Requirements Documentation  System Testing  User Training  Project Management Office Technical Functional Results Analyst Roles

6 © Deloitte Consulting, 2003 - 6 - Week in the Life of an Analyst

7 © Deloitte Consulting, 2003 - 7 - Deloitte Consulting Culture IMPACT Women’s Initiative Third Friday Flyback Commitment to Diversity  Globally coordinated employee volunteer programs to make measurable differences in our local communities  School to Work Day is one program aimed at promoting pursuit of advanced education among high school students from underserved schools  An effort focused on the recruitment, retention and advancement of women  Increased focus on work/life balance and flexible career development for all staff  Deloitte named to Working Mother magazine's list of "100 Best Companies for Working Mothers" for seven consecutive years  Office-based meetings and training events scheduled for the third Friday of the month  Allows practitioners to stay connected while working with geographically dispersed clients  Firm sponsored national and local affinity groups  Included in's 2002 "Top 50 Companies for Diversity" and "Top 10 Companies for Diversity Recruiting and Retention"  "Building on differences from one another's background and cultures to deliver an improved result."

8 © Deloitte Consulting, 2003 - 8 - Questions

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