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Acids & Bases.

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1 Acids & Bases

2 Our Goal for today To determine the difference between Acids & Bases

3 The pH scale measures how acidic or basic a solution is.

4 Acids have a ph from 0-7 Bases have a pH from 7-14
Lower pH value indicates a stronger acid. Bases have a pH from 7-14 Higher pH value indicates a stronger base.

5 Each pH value is 10 times greater than the value before it.
For example, a base of 12 is ten times more basic than a base of 11. An acid of 2 is 10 times more acidic than an acid of 3.

6 Did we Miss something?? What happens when the pH of a substance is 7?
Ans: A pH level of 7 indicates a Neutral Substance i.e: Water!

7 Test Your Knowledge What is the range of an ACID on the pH scale?
Ans: 0-7 What is the range of a BASE and what is another name for a BASE? Ans: 7-14, Alkaline

8 Characteristics Of Acids
Acids can be characterized by: It turns blue litmus paper red It tastes sour. Try drinking lemon juice (citric acid) 3. It is corrosive to certain metals 4. It conducts electricity

9 Characteristics of Bases
A Base is characterized by: A bitter taste. (Milk of Magnesia) It feels slippery. (Soapy Water) It turns Red Litmus Blue.

10 Examples of Acids Lemon Juice Vinegar Orange Juice Coffee
Human stomach acid

11 Examples of Bases Blood Baking soda Hand soap Bleach Ammonia

12 We can neutralize an acid by adding a base to it.
Vinegar is an acid. To neutralize it, we can add baking soda which is a base.

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