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Keyboarding Activity “Storyboard”

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1 Keyboarding Activity “Storyboard”
Open up the word processing module in All the Right Type (ART) and choose 1 sentence to start your story. Copy the sentence down into word. After typing the sentence, then keep adding sentences to the story (up to 3 sentences). You have about 1-2 minutes to finishing typing your sentences. After I give the signal, you will move to the right (to the next computer terminal on your right hand side) and add the next few sentences to that new story. Then REPEAT….

2 Choose one sentence to start your story
1. “It was a bad day, Billy slept through the alarm and was late. Today was supposed to be special. Today Billy was going to…” 2. “Amanda couldn’t believe it, she had been waiting all year for this day.”

3 Marketing: Advertising
Business 8 Marketing: Advertising Traditional Print Ads: Flyers

4 What comes to mind when you think about traditional print (paper) ads
What comes to mind when you think about traditional print (paper) ads? what types of examples of print advertisements can you think about?

5 Common Types (Format) of Print ads
Business Card Flyer Poster Billboard Pamphlet Brochure Catalogue Newspaper Magazine Each Type has an Intended Purpose and Format

6 4 Parts of a Flyer (print ad)
Headline – The flashy big words on the flyer Illustration – The pictures or graphics used Copy – The written words or script used to convey information Signature – The symbol (logo or trademark) for your company

7 purpose of a flyer (print ad)
The point of the flyer is to SELL a product to a TARGET AUDIENCE by OFFERING something special (Promotion, Value, Deal) The difficulty is to cut through the WHITE NOISE and get their ATTENTION. Getting attention Giving information Motivating a purchase Generating sales

8 Flyer Montage Set of Flyer Examples







15 Activity 1: Flyer Familiarization
Use the internet to search for some flyers to get some ideas for your own flyer to create. I want you to pick-out one flyer (your favorite, either a good or bad one) to show the class. I want you to display that one flyer on your screen (full-screen) for everyone to see. . I want you to write one sentence down on a piece of paper about why you chose it. Think about the headline, copy, illustration and signature.

16 Activity 2: Flyer Development
On your own, use the computer to develop a flyer. You must choose: Product (the what to sell) Target market (the who to sell it to) And then use “Printing Press” program to develop a flyer that would be successful in generating sales: getting attention, giving information and motivating a purchase. . nteractives/Printing_Press/

17 CLOSING TIME If you are finished either try to improve
your flyer (i.e. play with different graphics, slogans, trademarks) or develop a new flyer (I.E. new product or service)

18 Exit Slip Talk about the last few times you received a flyer. What were the flyers about? Write about what you do when a person hands you a flyer? Where do you usually see flyers or the people who hand them out?

19 Class Notes
You can find my notes at UBC Blogs under my name: Mr Vatougios

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