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Moodle: using an open learning management system to support student learning Keith Landa Purchase College

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1 Moodle: using an open learning management system to support student learning Keith Landa Purchase College

2 What is Moodle? The world’s most widely used open source LMS 49,000 Registered Moodle Sites 35,000,000 Registered Users

3 Personal Learning Environments (PLEs) – LMS no longer needed? LMS advantages: home base; institutional authentication and data; FERPA LMS openness and integration with outside tools LMS Web 2.0 ? Do LMS’s have a future? EDUCAUSE ELI – 7 Things You Should Know About LMS Alternatives7 Things You Should Know About LMS Alternatives

4 Faculty Blackboard uses 1.Distribute materials 2.Library services 3.Integration with SIS 4.Course communications 5.Links to external web sites 6.One stop shopping for students 7.Discussion forum 8.Gradebook 9.New media (blogs, wikis, podcasts) 10.Drop boxes 11.Student collaboration tools 12.Course reports 13.Self-directed lessons 14.Online quizzing 15.Real-time tools (chat, etc) 16.Clickers LMS desired features No “killer app” tying us to Blackboard


6 Why Moodle @ Purchase? Focus on teaching & learning - Robust set of activities & resources - Add-on modules from the community - Moodle development pathway Costs - No licensing costs - Similar support costs Risk management - Risks of open source - Commercial products have different risks Integration - Other systems - Web 2.0 world Flexible open architecture

7 Student Information System Library Information Systems Academic Analytics Campus Repository The View from 30,000 Feet

8 Community of Inquiry model Student engagement with content with instructor with each other

9 7 Principles of Good Practice 1.Encourages contact between students and faculty 2.Develops reciprocity and cooperation among students. 3.Encourages active learning. 4.Gives prompt feedback. 5.Emphasizes time on task. 6.Communicates high expectations. 7.Respects diverse talents and ways of learning.

10 LMS orientations Example ANGEL course Example Moodle 2.0 course – Main page sections – Blocks – Moodle 2.0 navigation – Course page mirrors class, integrated resources and learning activities – “Scroll of death”

11 Setting up a learning module Defining the module – Using the section summary Module learning objectives – Add a resource -> Compose a web page – Name and Full text fields – Window options Creating organization: use of Labels

12 Providing resources Context & student engagement w/ the content Files: your private staging area – Linking to specific files – Displaying a directory (folder) – File links in Moodle text Linking to web sites Integrating with Web 2.0 resources – Repositories in Moodle 2.0 – YouTube, Vimeo, VoiceThread, Google Docs

13 Discussion forums Student engagement with peers & instructor Student-faculty contact; feedback; active learning 4 forum types in Moodle (now 5 in 2.0) – Ex: single topic format; YouTube discussion – Q&A forum; reading reflection example Rating discussion forums

14 Assignments in Moodle Feedback; student/faculty engagement/contact Assignment types; configuration Student and faculty views Grading and providing feedback

15 Quizzes / Assessments Question bank – Question types – Organizing questions – Question import Configuring quizzes – Formative vs summative – Question selection – Feedback options

16 Student collaboration Reciprocity and active learning Wiki activity(ies) – Configuration and use – Pedagogical considerations: combined use of group forum and wiki project Database activity – Structured contributions; activity configuration – Commenting and rating

17 Communication tools Course announcements (News Forum) – Tie to Latest News block – Forum archive and email to class members Moodle messaging – IM functionality within Moodle – Email notices – Permanent archive Chat activity (eg, office hours)

18 Course reports Use of the Participants list Course logs Activity reports: what’s being used? Participation reports: how has (or hasn’t) done an activity – Tie to Messaging system Student profiles for individual reports

19 Questions? Keith Landa Purchase College SUNY 914-251-6450

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