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Welcome to the Cy-Ridge Rams Open House! September 11, 2012.

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1 Welcome to the Cy-Ridge Rams Open House! September 11, 2012

2 Contact Information Mr. Canales  Period 5 Conference (11:45-12:36)  email:  Website:  School Phone: (281) 807-8000 Please leave multiple #’s & times to return the call

3 Supply Lists 3-ring binder Notebook paper Pencils TI-89 or TI-84 graphing calculator***

4 A Typical Day Quiz or Discussion on assigned reading/homework Grading and/or Reviewing Homework New Lesson/Activity Independent/Group Practice Summary of day’s lesson

5 Homework Homework is assigned daily except on test days Homework grade and/or quiz grade given around twice a week Homework Help on

6 Grading Calculus BC 50% Test 30% Assessments 20% Quiz, Homework, Classwork

7 AP Grading 5Extremely well qualified 4Well qualified 3Qualified 2Possibly qualified 1 No recommendation Proficient work on all objectives and advanced work in some objectives Proficient work on all course objectives Proficient work on most important objectives but not in all objectives Proficient work on half the objectives and missing some important objectives Proficient work on few objectives if any

8 Self Assessment 12345 No clue. Does few things right but can ’ t explain them. Hard time making any connections. Feels comfortable with few concepts. More gaps. Feels comfortable with most concepts. Few gaps. Feels comfortable with all concepts. Can explain why they got the wrong answers. Makes more mistakes than would like. Masters all concepts. If there are any mistakes they are minimal. 5 Point Scale

9 Tests & Tutoring Tests scheduled on odd numbered days of the week Tutoring Monday, Wednesday 2:30 – 3:30 Before School by appointment

10 Progress Reports Sent out to all students for all classes through their 2nd period teacher on the 4th week of each 6 weeks On-line gradebook

11 Calculus in Review Functions, graphs, and limits, parametric, polar and vector functions Derivatives Computation and application of derivatives Integrals Antidifferentiation Polynomial Approximation and Series

12 Thanks for Coming! Have a great evening and a wonderful school year!

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