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Officer Training II Presented By: Title Chapter Name & No. 1.

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1 Officer Training II Presented By: Title Chapter Name & No. 1

2 Introductions at table n Name n Title n Chapter Name & No. n How long with SME 2

3 Good Meeting vs. Poor Meeting n Discuss qualities of each at tables n Share one quality with everyone 3

4 Case Study n At tables n Read with group n Discuss ways to handle n Share with group 4

5 Secretary n The recording Officer of the Executive Committee n Recording officer to keep the following: - Official Minutes - Meeting Agendas - Meeting Notices - All Records - Endorsing Reports 5

6 Official Minutes The essentials of Minutes are as follows: - Name of the Chapter - Date and Place of Meeting - Name and function of attendees - Approval of previous minutes - All main motions - Meeting hours and adjournment n Minutes must be signed by the Secretary 6

7 Meeting Agendas & Notices n Prepare or oversee preparation of an agenda for each meeting n Arrange meetings and logistics n Oversee or supervise the mailing or posting of all meeting notices 7

8 Record Custodian n All records are the responsibility of the Secretary n Legal Records - – Minutes and financial data must be kept for a period of seven years n Historical Documents - Optional – The original charter – Names of each year’s officers – Annual reports/Membership Statistics – Photographs 8

9 Quorum n Take attendance to determine a quorum or simple majority n A quorum must be present during the following meetings: – Nominating committee elections – Officer nominations requested from the floor – Chapter officer elections – All Executive Committee meetings 9

10 Case Study n At tables n Read with group n Discuss ways to handle n Share with group 10

11 Treasurer n Keep and maintain all financial records n Financial advisor to the chapter 11

12 Responsibilities of a Treasurer n The treasurer is responsible for: – Receiving, holding and safeguarding, all funds – Disbursing funds only for normal and usual uses – Submitting an Annual Financial Report to Member Services by January 31 – This information needed to file a consolidated tax return 12

13 Accounting Records n Record all transactions: – Maintain complete records – Funds received and disbursements made – Advertising income and expenses n Verify all bank statements n Reports to Chapter: – Report financial status at each meeting n Yearly Audit: – Schedule an annual audit of all accounting records – Audit should be conducted by an auditing committee 13

14 Receipt of Monies n Chapter Funding: – Four funding checks or wire transfers annually – A base payment is included with second quarter funding n Monies received from Chapter meetings: – Must be deposited in the Chapter’s bank account – Must be reconciled and retained in chapter 14

15 Receipt of Monies n Advertising Income: – Monies received must be deposited in the chapter bank account – Paid advertising invoices must be marked and kept n Monies received from other sources: – Must be deposited in the chapter bank account – Amounts and purposes must be recorded for chapter records 15

16 Disbursement of Monies n Pay by Check n Use two signatures 16

17 Budgeting n Prepare and submit a budget to the Chapter Executive Committee for approval n The budget should include the following: – Income Sources »Funding »Base Payment »Fund Raising »Chapter Bulletin »Conferences and Seminars 17

18 Budgeting (cont.) n Expenses » Bulletin » Miscellaneous Postage » Travel – Chapter Activities – Seminars or Short Courses – Social Activities 18

19 Travel n When reimbursing for travel: – Review all expense reports carefully – Reimburse only necessary and reasonable travel expenses – Expense reports MUST be accompanied by all ORIGINAL receipts – Expense reports should be turned in within a 60 day period of the expense 19

20 Bank Accounts n Checking Accounts : – Treasurer must maintain a checking account – Balance the checkbook and reconcile any differences n Savings Accounts: – All excess funds not needed to operate the chapter should be deposited in a savings account n Use the same bank: – Prevents transferring funds – Transfer of funds from old to new treasurer is easier (only have to sign one set of sig. cards) 20

21 Safeguards & Controls n Sole responsibility of the treasurer n Minimizes the potential misuse of funds n Review “Safeguards & Controls” document in Treasurer’s Guide n Review all Treasury Information in the SME Governance Document 21

22 ?????????????? n Questions 22

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