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WELCOME TO CURRICULUM NIGHT! Mr. Jason Eres Room 309 8 th Grade Math Linear Algebra Algebra

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1 WELCOME TO CURRICULUM NIGHT! Mr. Jason Eres Room 309 8 th Grade Math Linear Algebra Algebra

2 A LITTLE ABOUT ME...  Born and raised in Elk Grove, CA  Graduated from ASU with my Bachelors in Secondary Education: Math  Interests and hobbies include: Watching and coaching sports, going to the movies, and technology.

3 Classroom Norms  All students are expected to be in their seat and ready to learn by the time the bell rings.  Students must have all of their supplies with them every day  Discipline  Refocus warning  Timeout in ISI room (In School Intervention)  Parent contact/meeting  Office referral

4 Tardy Policy  Please note there is a strict tardy policy for students at Aprende  Make every effort to get your students to school on time  First tardy is a warning  Second tardy is a parent letter  Third tardy is an After School Detention  Be prepared for continued detentions and conduct referrals in the event of continued tardies  State law requires that ALL students attend school

5 Student Behavior  We expect students to be in class and ready to learn with the appropriate classroom behaviors  If student behavior is a disruption to the learning environment:  Student will receive a verbal or non-verbal (card) warning  If the behavior continues, student will be moved to the time out seat in the classroom  If the student is still unable to control their behavior, they will be sent out to the ISI (In School Intervention) room on campus

6  Warm-ups/Bellwork  Grade and Review Homework  Introduction to the topic for the day (typically a short video, discussion, or activity)  Note taking and guided practice  Begin homework (usually 10 mins in class)

7 1. All work must be completed in pencil, no erasable pen 2. Rewrite the original problem 3. Show all work, every step, going down the paper (vertically) 4. Skip a space between problems 5. Leave a space to work out a problem if you are not sure how to do it, and ask for help

8 Mathematics  Tutoring will be offered both before school and after school. (Schedule still pending)  My website will be updated every Friday with what we will be studying the following week.

9  High School Mid-Term = December 15 th  High School Final = May 13 th  Your child MUST be here on these dates to take these tests. There are no make-ups.  In order to receive high school credit for this class, they need to earn a 70% or higher on BOTH tests. They need to earn 80% or higher to be placed in Honors Geometry next year.

10 Algebra Course Outline  1 st Quarter:  Quantities and Relationships  Graphs, Equations, and Inequalities  Linear Functions  Sequences  2 nd Quarter:  Exponential Functions  Systems of Equations  Systems of Inequalities

11 Algebra Course Outline  3 rd Quarter:  Analyzing Data Sets for One Variable  Correlation and Residuals  Analyzing Data Sets for Two Categorical Variables  Introduction to Quadratic Functions  4 th Quarter:  Polynomials and Quadratics  Solving Quadratic Equations and Inequalities  Real Number Systems  Functions and Inverses  Mathematical Modeling

12 Algebra Resource Information  New Carnegie Textbooks  Consumables  Student Centered learning  Inquiry Based and Direct Instruction Mix  Mathia  Carnegie’s Online self paced program that follows our curriculum  1 day per week in class (every Thursday)  1 Alab’s per week minimum (every Friday)  Students must log a set amount of minutes per week working in program and make check-in progress due dates  Some of the minutes will need to be completed at home as ongoing homework, during additional Alab times, or during tutoring afterschool  Mathia Minute Logs and Progress Check-ins will be a part of the overall class grade

13 Homework/Class work10% Tests/Quizzes90%  Your child can expect about 30 minutes of homework every day in math class. Most days students will have roughly 10 minutes to start homework in class  Please regularly check with your child regarding their math homework.  Students are responsible for recording their assignments each day in their agendas.  All homework will also be listed on my class website.

14 Supplies for Math  Two 1.5” Binders  Two 3 Prong Pocket Folders  One Pack of Loose-Leaf Lined Paper  Lots of pencils and erasers  Pens (for grading)  Highlighters  Whiteboard Markers  Ruler

15 Website   Teacher contacts  Supplies and donations  Course Information Letter  Curriculum

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