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Welcome to Math III!!! August 6, 2012.

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1 Welcome to Math III!!! August 6, 2012

2 Murder Each person get a card
DO NOT SHOW YOUR CARD TO ANYONE!!! DO NOT TELL ANYONE WHAT YOU HAVE!!! If you have the Joker, you are a murderer!!! As we go around, the murderer will wink at you, if this happens, you are dead! Announce you are dead by saying your name and something about yourself!

3 Math III Syllabus This is the 3rd course in a sequence of courses designed to provide students with a rigorous program of study in mathematics. Concepts will be learned in multiple ways. Students will be working in groups to better understand the topics. They will also work alone to develop individual skills. The course is designed to give students a real-world understanding of mathematics.

4 Course Outline 1st Semester Unit 1: Matrices Unit 2: Polynomial Functions Unit 3: Logarithmic and Exponential Functions 2nd Semester Unit 4: Solving Equations and Inequalities Unit 5: Conics Unit 6: Data Analysis

5 Text Book Glencoe Advanced Mathematical Concepts. © 2005 Glencoe Publishing. $83.10 Math III Frameworks. Georgia Department of Education.

6 Grading Course Final Average Practice/Quizzes 40%
Summative Unit Assessments 60% Semester Final Average Course Final Average 85% Semester Exam 15%

7 Curriculum Course Final Average Participation/Practice 80%
Portfolio % Semester Final Average Course Final Average 85% Semester Exam 15%

8 Materials 3 ring binder loose-leaf notebook paper graph paper highlighter 2 dry erase markers graphing OR scientific calculator erasers pencils, pencils, PENCILS

9 Practice Each student is expected to attempt, complete, and check every assignment. Practice problems will be assigned daily. Mathematics is learned by practice; therefore, you are expected to do your homework every night. Students are expected to check their own practice problems as we review them in class. There will be an unannounced homework check approximately once a week, which will be graded for accuracy. Students are expected to have all assignments organized in their notebooks at all times. Students should always show all their work. If asked to, students should explain their reasoning on paper. At times, projects will be assigned.

10 Participation This course requires a great deal of participation. Some classes we will take notes, others will be board work, and some will be group/individual work. Asking questions is a MUST. This course is designed to help you succeed in Math III, and it is your job to insure your own understanding of the material.

11 Attendance/Make Up Work
It is very important that students come to class regularly. Only work missed due to an excused absence may be made up. When you are absent, you have the same number of days that you were absent to make up an assignment or a test. You assume the responsibility to make arrangements to make up a test and securing all notes Class time will not be spent getting you caught up if it interferes with the instructional time of other students.

12 Tutoring I am available to help you and answer your questions when needed. It is imperative that you let me know immediately if you are having difficulty. I am available for tutoring various times throughout the week. Additionally, tutoring will be offered during ALL study halls by math teachers. There are additional resources available on the Ola High School and Henry County websites. Make sure you check my teacher webpage daily through the Ola High School website for updates.

13 The 3 R’s What do they mean?

14 Discipline 1st offense- verbal warning 2nd offense- parent contact
3rd offense- detention (after or before school) 4th offense- office referral ** Certain offenses may warrant skipping the 1st three steps. **

15 Calculator Rules Only get a Calculator if it is required for the day’s lesson, do not get one if you do not have your own unless you have talked to Ms. Brown or Ms. Meadows You break it, YOU BUY IT!!! $149.99 If using a calculator, clear it out after use!!! When returning calculators, 1. Turn OFF the calculator 2. Place cover on calculator so that no keys are showing 3. Stack the calculators in a neat and orderly fashion (3 stacks of 10 each)

16 Bathroom Rules GO BEFORE CLASS!!!
You get 3 bathroom “passes” each term This will be a sign out sheet that I keep track of If you do not use them, each add 10 points to any assignment If none are used, you can replace a homework assignment (not a quiz or test!)

17 Ticket Out the Door On the index card provided write: Your Name
What you expect out of Math III (rigor, grade, etc.) What you expect from Mrs. Gowen and/or Mrs. Meadows What you want to do after high school

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