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How do you spend your free time?.

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1 How do you spend your free time?

2 What do you do after school? What are your pastimes?
spare free leisure TIME

3 When I have spare time I …
go in for do skiing dancing swimming skating dancing swimming play basketball a musical instrument

4 What are you fond of? I am fond of going in for … playing … football
skating diving volleyball chess the guitar swimming drawing cycling

5 What are you keen on? I am keen on … reading books watching TV
playing computer games\programming theatre cinema museum going to the

6 What are you interested in?
I am interested in … My sister (brother) is interested in … My friends are interested in … dancing collecting badges singing playing football knitting

7 Hobby is a favourite pastime of a person
'' Twice happy is the man who has a hobby, for he has two worlds to live in…’’

8 Different people have different hobbies
Playing sports Keeping pets Fishing Dancing Travelling Hunting Collecting Watching TV Reading books Listening to… Watching video Playing the guitar (musical instruments) Doing voluntary work Participating in lotteries

9 Hobbies Learning things Collecting things Doing things Making things
Computer History Stamps Postcards Toys Pictures Languages Cups Doing things Making things Sport Cooking Painting Music Gardening

10 There are a lot of proverbs
about hobbies He works best who works his trade. Every man to his trade. Practice is the best master. He who begins many things finishes but few. The busiest men find the most leisure. There is no accounting for tastes. Our best friend is our hobby. No living man all things can. Tastes differ. Where there is a will, there is a way.

11 How would you characterize your hobby?
exciting thrilling interesting relaxing dangerous amazing My hobby is …

12 Are you excited with your hobby?
Is your hobby exciting? Playing computer games is I am excited with playing computer games. My brother is interested in playing computer games. My friends are relaxed due to playing computer games. exciting interesting relaxing

13 What’s the best way not to waste time?
Is spare time only for relaxing? What useful things can we do in our leisure time? How do you spend your free time?

14 How do the British spend their free time?
listening to music- 65 % sport – 8 % going to the theatre, opera, ballet – 4 % reading books – 55 % visiting historical places – 8 %

15 What do people prefer to do in their leisure time in Russia?
Are people in Russia fond of different kinds of sport? What are they? Are people in Russia keen on listening to music? Are people in Russia interested in travelling? Where do they prefer travelling to?

16 New kinds of sport scuba diving white water rafting bungee jumping
rock climbing

17 Thank you for your attention!

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