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Lesson plan.

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1 Lesson plan

2 Grade: 9 Numbers of students: 40 Topic: my daily routine Grammar focus: present tense Material: imagines, video (my daily routine), photocopies, video beam, computer. Timing: 1:30 minutes

3 aims general aim: at the end of the lesson students will be able to talk about your daily routine

4 Specific aims At the end of the lesson the students will be able to:
use the present tense to write and speak about your daily routine. know how to ask and answer question related with your daily routine using present tense.


6 MIMIC time 15 minute: Teacher gives some imagines when there are animals. Some students must make mimic to describe the animal and the other students must guess what animal is.

7 WATCHING VIDEO Time 10 minute: teacher put a video to students using video beam. This video is about daily routine. The student will watch some time for understanding it.

Time 15 minute: teacher gives a short paper with some questions to the student (to make a short text). They must choose the correct answer according to before video (daily routine). This activity is in group of three people.

9 Short test Marc with x the correct answer according to video.
What time does she wake up? A. At 6:00 am B. At 6:30 am. C. At 7:30 am 2. What time does she dry her hair? 8: b. at 9: c. at 7:45 3. What time does she get dressed on Monday? 9:40 am b. 10:30 c. 8:40. 4. What time does he eat lunch every day? a. At 12:30 b. at half past 12 c. 2:30

time 30 minute: in this activity, the students must read a daily routine that teacher gives them, then they are going to write your own daily routine and at the end some students will talk about it.

11 Short daily routine Read this daily routine, and then you must write your own daily routine. I get up everyday at seven o clock, Then I have a Shower, after that, I have Breakfast and go out to take the bus for go class. I finish my classes at twelve, then I have lunch at the University's Restaurant. At two pm, I go to study to the library, then at five pm I go home. At home I watch television one hour, Then I have dinner. After that, I play at the computer and finally at ten pm I go to sleep.

12 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS 20 minutes: first, teacher asks some questions to students about what they do in some specific hours, and then the students are going to do the same between them. Example: what do you do at 6 am? What do you do at 3 pm?

13 by neila maria palacio moreno

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