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Egg is ____________ than the sperm

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1 Egg is ____________ than the sperm

2 - in order of egg pathway
Structures - in order of egg pathway Ovary - EGG matures in a follicle produces estrogen

3 Fallopian tubes 1. ____________ for the egg to the uterus
2. ____________ (where sparky and olive meet)

4 Uterus Sections: Fundus Description: ___________________________
Function: ___________________________ Fundus - ___________________________ endometrium - _______________________ Cervix - ____________________________ Sections: Fundus

5 Vagina Functions: 1. 2. 3.

6 Labia Majora Labia Minora Clitoris External Structures:
Two sets of folds which protect the vaginal opening Labia Majora Labia Minora Clitoris ____________________________________________________________ erectile tissue vulva Two sets of folds which protect the vaginal opening


8 Egg Pathway (fertilization) _________(ovaries) _______________ Uterus
(Attaches to uterine wall as zygote) __________ (Birth Canal)

9 Uterine Cycle

10 maintains thickness. of uterine lining (endometrium)
Female Hormones -pituitary From the Brain FSH ___________________________ __________________ LH ________________________ ovulation - tells ovaries to release egg, produce progesterone and stimulates follicle to become corpus luteum From the ovaries: _____________ thickening of the uterine lining female secondary sex characteristics (auxiliary and pubic hair, wide hips, breasts development) _______________ maintains thickness. of uterine lining (endometrium) growth of corpus luteum

11 follicle in the ovary grows
Uterine Cycle Duration: days 1-5 Menstruation: 6-14 Follicular phase 14-15 Ovulation Luteal phase lining of the uterus and blood are discharged follicle in the ovary grows egg released from ovary

12 Follicular Phase Uterine Cycle / Menstrual Cycle 28 days
immature egg stimulated by ________ to complete its first meiotic division follicle which surround the maturing egg releases _____________ which causes mitotic divisions of cells in the uterine lining causing the lining to thicken elevated estrogen in turn tells the pituitary gland to release LH, duration: 7 days: Day 7- 14

13 Ovulation - an elevation in LH causes the follicle to rupture and _________________ - duration: ___________ (day 14 of the cycle)

14 Luteal Phase: The ruptured follicle grows larger and becomes a
structure called the ______________(yellow body) The corpus luteum begins to secrete _____________ and ________________ which stimulates continued thickening of the uterine lining If no fertilization - corpus luteum stops secreting estrogen and progesterone and _____________________starts Duration 14 days

15 process: Fertilization union of sperm and egg
If ovulation occurs anytime from ________________________after _____________________ fertilization may result in the fallopian tubes process: 1.The enzymes in the acrosome of several sperm break down the egg's _____________________ 2. the head of __________________ cell fuses with the egg's cell membrane 3.Only the _____________ and _______________ enter the cytoplasm of the egg 4. egg cell membrane changes to prevent other sperm from entering

16 8 weeks Events of Pregnancy - most dramatic changes
Implantation: the zygote (fertilized egg) forms a ball of cells and travels down the fallopian tubes to the uterus and burrows into the uterine wall. Events of Pregnancy First Trimester - ________________________ - most dramatic changes - the blastocyst (ball of cells) begins to differentiate and is called an ___________________ - three primary germ layers form: __________________ ______________ _______________ all body tissues will form from these layers. - placenta grows -brain, spinal cord develop -heart begins ___________________ - by 5 weeks - human features such as _______ & ________ form - week 8 on till birth referred to as ________________ 8 weeks

17 Second Trimester - _____________
-fetal heartbeat is audible -___________begins to form -___________ cycles -swallowing -kicks feet -eyes open -_________________ in length

18 Third Trimester - _____________________
-Fetus grows quickly -can see light and darkness -can react to ______________ -deveops fat deposits under skin

19 Embryonic Membranes amniotic sac - contains fluid which cushions embryo from shock, mechanical injury and keeps it moist chorion - forms small fingerlike projections called chrionic villi which will develop into the placenta and umbilical cord which carry food and oxygen to fetus and wastes away

20 270 days after fertilization
Birth 270 days after fertilization 1. ______________ from fetal membranes initiate childbirth 2. amniotic sac ________________ 3. contractions of the uterus get stronger contractions eventually push the baby out through the __________ and though the ______ 4. __________________and ____________ are expelled about 30 minutes after birth ("after birth")

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