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Welcome to High Storrs School Post 16 Evening 6 th November 2013.

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1 Welcome to High Storrs School Post 16 Evening 6 th November 2013

2 Food Studies Who are we and what do we do? Mrs. Karen Grad Mrs. Bev. Robertson Existing successful department consisting of a dedicated staff. Already supply a wide range of courses to try to accommodate the individual needs of all of our pupils; - pre-GCSE Food - GCSE Food Technology - Entry Level City & Guilds Catering Extras include CIEH Foundation Certificate in Food Hygiene After school club Ongoing additional support out of lesson hours.

3 Course outline for Edexcel Advanced GCE in Design and Technology (A Level): Food Technology About the Course This is an exciting opportunity for you to develop your creativity, capability and practical skills, whilst applying knowledge and understanding and developing critical thinking. You will take part in practical and experimental activity which will be reinforced by theory work. Subject Links This course would combine well with any of the Science A Levels as there is a generic overlap of some course content. It would also complement a Business Studies course, as both deal with the production of items for sale and include an element of market research and consumer need.

4 Course Content Unit 1 – Portfolio of Creative Skills. You are given the opportunity to develop your creative, technical and practical skills through a series of product investigation, design and manufacturing activities. One portfolio with three distinctive sections will be produced. Unit 2 – Design and Technology in Practice. You will develop a knowledge and understanding of a wide range of materials, components, additives and processes used in the design and production of food products. Practical activities will be included and assessment is through examination. Unit 3 – Food Products, Nutrition and Product Development. You will continue to develop a knowledge and understanding of a range of food commodities, aspects of nutrition, product development and food innovation. Contemporary lifestyle, demographics and sustainable issues are investigated. Practical activities will be included and assessment is through examination. Unit 4 - Commercial Design. You will be given the opportunity to apply the skills you have acquired and developed to design and make a food product of your choice. You will work on a design problem with a commercial use and a client or user group will have input into decision making at various stages of the design and make process. Sustainability and the impact the product may have on the environment has to be considered. The work is supported by a design folder.

5 Assessment All assessment takes place in June of each year. Course Requirements We ask that you have gained at least a ‘C’ grade in GCSE English. It is not necessary that you have completed a GCSE in Food Technology prior to applying for this course but it would, of course, be beneficial. -basics covered -independent study is expected e.g. background reading and research -extensive writing tasks given related to current subject matter -payment necessary to cover the costs of ingredients used -provision of ingredients sometimes necessary The Qualities you will Need; A high level of interest, commitment and organisation. The ability to work independently or as part of a team. Possess a drive to explore or investigate new ideas. Enjoyment of practical activities including experimental work. To be able to work safely and hygienically. Unit 1 Course Work90 marksAS Unit 2 Exam70 marksAS Unit 3 Exam 70 marksA2 Unit 4 Course Work 90 marksA2

6 Your Future Career Whether you choose to study this subject area as one of your main A levels or as an AS, the qualification will be recognised when studying for many of the courses available at Universities. Some examples include, Food Science, Teaching, Hotel/Institution Management, Event Management, Product Design/Development, Dietician and many more. We hope you will join our enthusiastic staff who will gladly offer as much help and support as required on this exciting, creative course and wish you well with the studies of your choice. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

7 Thank you for your time. We look forward to you joining us and look forward to sharing in your success.

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