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Standard Bank of South Africa Towards a Knowledge Economy Presenter: Cassim Parak Chief Executive Officer institute.

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1 Standard Bank of South Africa Towards a Knowledge Economy Presenter: Cassim Parak Chief Executive Officer institute

2 1 A South African Perspective Trends & Performance  Approximately 50m Population  22m Mobile Phones  7m Computers  4m Internet Users  35% ICT adoption by Small Businesses  Business & Country Demographics imbalance  Apartheid legacy not completely eradicated  No Financial Support

3 2 A South African Perspective Trends & Performance   Telecommunication Costs   IT Acquisition Costs   Computer Literacy   Regulating the Informal sector   Failure of the Private Sector to embrace BEE Suppliers of ICT products   Poor financial resources   Compliancy   Availability of Skills & Brain Drain

4 3 A South African Perspective Trends & Performance

5 4 Is this Knowledge Management?

6 5 This is Knowledge Management Voice WAPGPRS HTML E-mail SMS Internet PDA Collaboration Partners Procurement Employees Agents

7 6 The Knowledge Economy One of the hallmarks of the information age is that the new currency of business is information or knowledge collaboration. The way in which that knowledge is managed and used can ultimately determine the success or failure of any enterprise.

8 7 The Connected Enterprise Business to Consumer Business to Employee Business to Business Clients Suppliers Employees Landscape The Business Local Competitors New Entrants Management Decision Support Global Competitors Knowledge Management Enterprise Solutions Business Intelligence Performance Management

9 8 Building Blocks for Knowledge-centricity  Usability – I am simple in my approach…..  Wizard - Help! I need Help Now!  Intelligent Repository - Tracking it All, Knowing it All…..  Business Intelligence – Single version of the truth…..  Management Information Systems – My Decision is…..  Enterprise Performance Management – Lets Grow….  Content Management – Where do I find…..  Document Management – I did it previously……  Business Process Management – How do I ……  Workflow – This is how I/We/Us Work…..  Collaboration – This is the team…..

10 9 Generic Components for Business Management CRM – Customer Relationship Management MCS – Marketing Communication Systems SMS – Sales Management Systems ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning ERM – Enterprise Resource Management EPM – Enterprise Project Management MPS – Manufacturing Planning Systems SCM – Supply Chain Management WMS - Workflow Management Systems MRO – Maintenance Repair Ordering PPS – Production Planning Systems EBPP – Electronic Bill Presentment Payment HRMS – Human Resource Management Systems AM – Asset Management

11 10 Critical Considerations  COMMITMENT  Security  Infrastructure  Enterprise Applications Integration  People & Learning  Connectivity  Collaboration  Storage  Disaster Protection

12 11 Component Alignment – CSF for eBusiness Management

13 12 KM for the Business Enterprise People Process Technology Data Warehouse Definition Performance Management Data Cleansing Data Mining Meta Data Management Dashboard Management Migration Multi-site & Hybrids

14 13 Intelligence in the Knowledge Economy

15 14 ICT 4 (S)ME – Pushing Forward  Establishing a robust ICT Industry Strategy for SME Development  Promoting the business benefits of ICT to the SME sector  Penetration strategies for ICT-use within the SME sector  Removing the “Connectivity” constraints as a barrier to entry  Promoting the use of locally developed technologies  Alliances & Diversity of Partnerships  Ensuring an effective Government sponsored framework for Legislation, Regulation, Taxation & subsidies  Driving Computer Literacy through Education & Training Programs (Sector Education & Transfer Programs)  Establishing a case for Donor grants and subsidies


17 16 Lou Gerstner’s Description of eBusiness (ex-Chairman IBM) “The Internet is ultimately about innovation and integration. Innovation is what your objective is -- in cost structures, selling, marketing, sales, supply chain. But you don't get the innovation unless you integrate Web technology into the processes by which you run your business. And that's been the rude awakening for a lot of companies. The true revolution coming from the Web is when the Web can get integrated with business processes.”

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