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Introduction to Animal Science

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1 Introduction to Animal Science
Mr. Bushman

2 Domestication The animals : Behavior is changed in domestication
Valued $$$ Breeding is subject to human control Survival depends on humans Behavior is changed in domestication Feed and water is controlled!

3 Domestication Across Globe
1. Near East (Fertile Crescent) 10,000 years ago.

4 Domestication Across Globe
2. South China 8,500 years ago

5 Domestication Across Globe
3. North China – 7,700 years ago.

6 Domestication Across Globe
4. Africa – 4,000 years ago.

7 Domestication Across Globe
5. South Central Andes – 4,500 years ago

8 Domestication Across Globe
6. Central Mexico – 4,700 years ago.

9 Domestication Across Globe
7. Eastern United States – 4,500 years ago

10 Food, Cockfights, Religion
Domestication Specie When Where Why Dog 14,000 Years Ago. Old World Companionship Sheep 10,700 Years Ago. Food, Milk and Clothing Goat 9,000 Years Ago. Food, Clothing and Milk Pig Food & Sport Cattle 6,500 Years Ago. Religious Reasons Chicken 5,500 Years Ago. India Food, Cockfights, Religion Horse 5,000 Years Ago. Food & Transport

11 Domestication Terms: Wild Animal: Exotic Animal:
Not genetically altered by selective breeding. Exotic Animal: Wild animal not native to country. Example, not from USA or Canada, etc…

12 Domestication Terms: Feral Animal: Breed:
A domestic animal that lives in the wild with no human assistance. Breed: A population of domestic animals, that the individual may vary in genotype and phenotype.

13 Historical Perspective
8,000 BC Domestication 776 BC First Olympic Games 334 BC Alexander the Great used Calvary to conquer 1066 AD Stirrups invented 1598 AD Cattle brought into the US by Spanish 1867 AD Cattle Drives to Railroad

14 Historical Perspective
1884 AD USDA began 1905 AD DHIA was Established (Dairy Records) 1914 AD Extension Service Homestead Act played a huge part of the livestock industry in the US Land was free rather then cheap

15 Animal Science Animal Contributions

16 Functions of Livestock
Contributions to Humans Food Clothing Power Recreation Research

17 Animal Contributions Power Food Clothing Recreation Horse Meat Mules
Milk Eggs Clothing Wool Leather Hair Fur Power Horse Mules Donkeys, Burrows Oxen Recreation Pleasure Horses Livestock Show Competition Rodeo

18 Animal Science Industry
What is considered Animal Science ? Dairy Cattle Beef Cattle Sheep Swine Goats Horses Poultry Ostrich & Emu Deer Bison Aquaculture Llamas Rare Breeds Small Animals

19 Top Producing States Beef Industry 1. Texas 2. Kansas 3. Nebraska
4. Oklahoma 5. California

20 Top Producing States Dairy Production Industry 1. California
2. Wisconsin 3. New York 4. Pennsylvania 5. Michigan 6. Idaho

21 Top Producing States Sheep Production Industry 1. Texas 2. California
3. Wyoming 4. Colorado 5. South Dakota

22 Top Producing States Swine Production Industry 1. Iowa
2. North Carolina 3. Michigan 4. Illinois 5. Indiana

23 Top Producing States Layers Production Industry 1. California 2. Ohio
3. Indiana 4. Pennsylvania 5. Iowa

24 Top Producing States-----
Broilers Production Industry 1. Arkansas 2. Georgia 3. Alabama 4. North Carolina 5. Mississippi

25 Animal Production - General
Purebred Producer Commercial Producers Farm Herd or Flock Commercial Feedlot Farm Feeding Direct to Processor Auction or Market Terminal Market

26 Conception to Consumption

27 Gender Terms for Livestock
Beef: Cow – Female that has had offspring Heifer – Female that has never given birth Bull – Male with testicles Steer – Castrated Bull

28 Gender Terms for Livestock
Swine: Sow – Female that has had offspring Guilt – Female that has never given birth Boar – Male with testicles Barrow – Castrated Boar

29 Gender Terms for Livestock
Sheep: Ewe – Female Ram – Male with testicles Weither – Castrated Ram Horse: Mare – Female Horse Stallion – Male with testicles Gelding – Castrated Stallion

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