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Animal Science/ Livestock Production

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1 Animal Science/ Livestock Production
What is Animal Science?

2 What is Animal Science? The Study of Animals!
Care, management and production of domestic animals. Animals used for food, clothing, weapons & tools Today’s animal science includes biotechnology, genetics & behavior research

3 Domestication What was the first domesticated animal?
Dog for tracking, then herding After animals become domesticated, they become dependent on man What are some advantages and disadvantages of this? Adv-Man can control unwanted genetic traits

4 Domestication Dis-Most can not survive in wild
Most poultry can not fly, But Why? They are bred for size which makes them incapable of flight. Turkeys Also, some species have their wings clipped at birth Ducks Geese

5 Animal Uses Food Milk Work Medicine & Research Clothing

6 Animal Uses What types of animals are used for meat? Cattle (beef)
Swine (pork) Lamb Goat Poultry

7 Animal Uses Milk-inexpensive source of protein
Produced by dairy cows & goats Cheese, ice cream, yogurt Did you know that over 90% of U.S. milk production comes from the Holstein breed? What is another protein source that is produced by animal? Eggs

8 Animal Uses What are some areas in which we use animals for work?
Cultivate land Transportation Control other animals Assist physically & medically handicapped Blind

9 Animal Uses Medicine & Research Animal Behaviors Genetic tests
Future treatment research

10 Animal Uses Clothing Hides - leather Fibers - wool, mohair

11 Animal Uses Other By-Products Pets
Bone – buttons, glue, mineral supplement for livestock feed (calcium) Fat- chemicals, creams, lubricants, soaps, food

12 What is the future of Animal Science?
Genetic improvements Cloning ?????

13 Terminology What is Maturity?
When the male has developed his secondary sex characteristics or puberty. When a female has reached the age of puberty and is capable of having offspring.

14 Terminology Horse Terms – Take Notes! Stallion is a Mature Male.
Mare is a Mature Female. Filly is a Young Female. Foaling is Giving Birth. Colt is a Young Male. Foal is a Newborn, up to a year old. AKA: “yearling” Gelding - Castrated Male

15 Terminology Sheep Terms Ewe – Mature Female Ram – Mature Intact Male
Wether – A Castrated Male Lamb – Newborn till a Year Old. Lambing – Giving Birth

16 Terminology Swine Terms Gilt – Immature Female Sow – Mature Female
Boar – Mature Intact Male Barrow- Castrated Male Shoat- Young Male Farrowing – Giving Birth

17 Terminology Cattle Terms Bull – Mature, Intact Male
Steer – Castrated Male Cow -Mature female that has produced a calf Heifer – Female that has not produced a calf Calf – Newborn Calving – Giving Birth Bullock- Young Male

18 Terminology Goats Ram – Mature intact male Whether – Castrated Male
Doe – Female Kid – Newborn Kidding – Giving Birth Buck Kid – young male Doe kid- young female

19 Terminology Poultry Rooster – Mature Intact Male
Capon – Castrated Male Cockerel– Young Male Hen – Mature Female Pullet – Young Female Chick – Newborn Hatching- giving birth… 21 day gestation

20 Terminology Meat Beef – Meat from Cattle Pork – Meat from Swine
Lamb – Meat from a lamb under a year old. Mutton – Meat from a lamb over a year old. Cabrito – Meat from Goat Poultry – Meat from Chickens, Turkeys. 4, 5, 6

21 Farm Facts Farming Peaked In 1935!
Since then the Farm Population in the US has Declined in Recent Years Some US Exports are Wheat, Corn, Soybeans, Hides, Fleeces, Fruit and Nuts. Milk Dominates the Dairy Industry

22 Farm Facts 99% of Farms are owned by less than 10 Stockholders.
How Big Is An Acre………………….? 43,560 Square Feet! The Number Of People that are fed by one farmer has reached 129 today.

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