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Period four B: Sorry, I can’t. My back aches. B: Yes, sure. I’ll do it right away. B: No, you can’t. You have school tomorrow. B: Of course. I don’t.

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2 Period four

3 B: Sorry, I can’t. My back aches. B: Yes, sure. I’ll do it right away. B: No, you can’t. You have school tomorrow. B: Of course. I don’t need the car tonight. B: Sorry, but I need it now. B: Sure. But you have to be home by 10:00.

4 Thomas Thomas is going to join Sandy’s party, but his parents are not at home, so he needs somebody to look after his dog.

5 take care of

6 take him for a walk give him water and feed him wash his bowl

7 play with him take a shower clean his bed

8 3a Read the e-mail message Who writes this message? What does he ask his friend to do ?

9 What does Thomas ask Nancy to do ? take care of his dog Don ’ t forget to take him for a walk give him water feed him wash his bowl play with him clean his bed

10 Exercise Cleaning Food take him for a walk play with him wash his bowl clean his bed give him water feed him

11 Nancy, Thanks for taking care of my dog. Could you please do these things every? Taking him for a walk. Give him water and feed him. Then wash his bowl. Play with him. Don’t forget to clean his bed. Have fun! See you next week. Thanks, Thomas

12 3c go to the store, take out the trash, clean the house, buy some drinks and snacks, sweep the floor, bring some pictures/flowers, …

13 Self check 1 Fill in the blanks with the words given. hate take care of work on use forget 1. I doing the dishes. It ’ s too boring. 2. I ’ m going to my English project and then meet my friends. 3. My mom gets really angry when I to clean my room. 4. Can I your dictionary, please? Mine is at home. 5. Could you my cat when I ’ m on vacation? hate work on forget use take care of

14 2 You and your parents are going on vacation. Leave a message for your best friend, Li Ming. Ask him to help you take care of your house. 2

15 Dear Li Ming, My parents and I are going on vacation tomorrow. I went to your house, but you weren’t in. I need some help. Could you please feed my dog? And could you wash my dog ? Could you please take him a walk ? Could you please clean my living room ?Could you please water my flowers ?... Thanks very much.

16 Homework 1.Prepare for the dictation of unit11. 2. Review unit11 and get ready for the quiz.

17 根据句子提示,将所给单词及词组分类。只写所标字母即 可。 A. Certainly. B. sweep the floor C. doing the dishes D. take out the trash E. doing cleaning F. Yes, sure. G. doing the laundry H. clean the room I. OK. J. All right. K. drinking coffee L. wash the dishes 1. Could you please ____________________________? 2. ___________________________________________. 3. I hate __________________________.____________

18 选择所给词的正确形式填空。 Hate borrow some have to work on any make the bed do the laundry sweep the floor take out the trash could you please could I please 1. A: Could I use your computer? B: Sorry, I am going to _____ it. 2. You can’t watch TV now. You _____ clean your room first. 3. I _____ some chores but I like other chores, such as sweeping the floor. 4. Could I _____ your bike? I want to go to the bookstore. 5. I don’t have _____ money. Could you please lend me _____? 6. The floor is dirty. So my mother says, “Could you please ______?” 7. When the trashcan is full, I always _____. 8. My mother always _____ at about seven in the evening. 9. --Who _____ after you have dinner? --My mom does. 10. If you want to borrow a dictionary from your partner, you will say, _______ lend me your dictionary?

19 读短文,判断对错 ) It was half past five in the evening when Sarah came home from work. She walked into the living room and looked at her three children. The children were fourteen, thirteen and nine years old. They were watching TV. The room was dirty and untidy. There were empty glasses and dirty clothes on the floor. There were cakes on the sofa. Toys were everywhere. Sarah got angry. “How dirty and untidy this place is! ” She said to her children. “I can’t work all day and then do housework all evening. I’m not doing the housework!” And so, Sarah didn't do the housework. She didn't clean. She didn't do the dishes. She didn't wash the clothes. Every evening she sat in the sofa and watched TV. Two weeks later, every dish in the house was dirty. All the children’s clothes were dirty, too. Every trashcan was full. The whole house was dirty and untidy. Then one day Sarah got very surprise when she came home from work. The kitchen was clean. The children had cleaned the kitchen! The next day, the living room was clean, and the children were washing their clothes. Sarah told the children. “Ok, I'll do housework again. But you must help me.” Now Sarah and her three children do the housework together. Then they all sit in the sofa and watch TV.

20 1. Sarah has three children.TrueFalse 2. She was unhappy to see the dirty and untidy room.TrueFalse 3. One day Sara got home to find the children cleaning the kitchen. True False 4. After Sarah did the housework again, the children stopped doing it. TrueFalse 5. The children finally leant that they should share ( 分担 ) the housework.. True False

21 Writing 这个周末你与父母去海滨度假, 你的宠物小猫需 要好友 Ted 帮忙照顾。请用下面的提示词给 Ted 写 份留言。 take care of, take for a walk, feed and give some water, play with him, clean …


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