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Document management system as the basis of the electronic services. Paperless city government in Tartu Kalev Pullonen, Toomas Aas Tartu City Office IT.

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1 Document management system as the basis of the electronic services. Paperless city government in Tartu Kalev Pullonen, Toomas Aas Tartu City Office IT Services

2 2 Document management31.03.06 Agenda Short overview of Tartu City Government, IT services and infosystems Web-based services Document management ● history ● overview of GoPro ● cases: correspondence, e-forms, legal acts ● publishing on the Web ● benefits ● future

3 3 Document management31.03.06 The City of Tartu 100 000 inhabitants 18 000 pupils 3 000 employees 300 local government officials

4 4 Document management31.03.06 IT Services 13 workers Head of service 8 head specialists Network – 2 IT Projects Web GIS FIS SIS Databases (Domino) Tech support – 4 specialists

5 5 Document management31.03.06 IT Services, tasks IS management IS development End-user support Hardware/software acquisition Network administration

6 6 Document management31.03.06 Tools for officials Integrated groupware and document management Lotus Notes/Domino GoPro Case Smaller document registers based on Lotus Domino GIS Central application for all users Special applications Land information system City property database …

7 7 Document management31.03.06 Tools for officials Financial infosystem ASP solution for 60 book-keepers and Department of Finances National registers Residents register Building register Land register Business register X-road Special applications Social Welfare infosystem

8 8 Document management31.03.06 Legal basis Public Information Act Information that hasn’t been classified as internal must be available to citizens Web page is the easiest way to make this information available Digital Signature Act Digital signature is equal to manual signature ID Documents Act ID card is mandatory starting age 15 More than 900 000 cards issued.

9 9 Document management31.03.06 Evolution of web pages 1996 – first web page of Tartu Information portal - bringing information to people 1999 – Internet-accessible databases Information created by officials becomes automatically accessible on the Web Getting feedback 2003 – receiving digitally signed documents Demonstration of home page

10 1010 Document management31.03.06 Development of web pages Specific sub-pages Events in Tartu Bus Information Digital books Mapserver Campaign pages City of Good Colours Keep The City Clean Hanseatic Days …

11 1 Document management31.03.06 E-services Procedure guides Downloadable forms Electronic forms Unsigned Participation in campaigns Questions & Answers Signed via the KIT portal Requests of information Events newsletter

12 1212 Document management31.03.06 Beginning of document management 1989 – First PCs in City Government 1993 – Database of legislative acts (incl. full texts) 1994 – LAN solution 1997 – public solution needed in-house development

13 1313 Document management31.03.06 Document Management using Domino 1998 – Domino first installed in City Government databases developed by ourselves publishing on the Web scanning of incoming documents 2001 – GoPro introduced 2001 -2002 – public tender IBM Estonia development, deployment base licenses

14 1414 Document management31.03.06 Document Management using Domino 2002 - GoPro in use 2003 – linking to KIT portal 2004 – extending to subordinate offices 2004 – new custom assembly system 2005 – upgrade to version 4.1

15 1515 Document management31.03.06 Main ideas of DMS DMS is official's main working tool All officials use DMS All users do the necessary work themselves User activities are traceable All activities are done once, public information gets published automatically Public information and management system are kept separate

16 1616 Document management31.03.06 Users 500 users 300 from City Government 200 from subordinate offices Schools Kindergardens Museums Library All users create/edit documents themselves Entries considered as being digitally signed

17 1717 Document management31.03.06 GoPro case Document registry Document processing Forwarding incoming documents Creating new documents Approval of draft documents Short-term preserving of documents (until archived) Document publishing

18 1818 Document management31.03.06 Types of documents Cases Correspondence (23 500 cases, 65 000 documents/year) Urban planning (125 cases/year) International projects design criteria for construction projects (600 cases/year) Permissions (public events, deforestation etc.) (600 cases/year) Legal acts (5500 acts/year) drafts (8500 drafts/year) Protocols of assemblies and meetings Contracts (8500 documents/year) Directives (17 000 documents/year)

19 1919 Document management31.03.06 Managing correspondence Incoming paper documents are registered and scanned by receiver - 80 employees - secretaries etc. Incoming e-mails are registered if considered neccessary by the addressee. Document moves electronically from one official to another, gathering resolutions and notes. Notifications are also sent by e-mail. Response document is created in the document management system and goes through approval cycle if necessary. Executor is notified about the response document being ready, executes the document and presents it for signing. Response is sent on paper or electronically.

20 2020 Document management31.03.06 Managing e-forms Citizen fills in the form at KIT portal. Document gets forwarded to Tartu City Government's document management system. Document is automatically assigned to responsible official (according to document type). Sender's contact record is created and linked to the document. Document is processed by the official. Changes in document's status and some response documents are sent to the citizen via KIT portal. Citizen can send additional documents related to the same case. Final response is sent to the citizen via KIT portal.

21 2121 Document management31.03.06 Managing legal acts Draft is created by the official. Author sends the draft to approval cycle. Members of approval cycle are notified about a document waiting for approval. Members of approval cycle can add notes to the document. If allowed by the author, they can also change the original text. Author is notified about notes being added to the document or document being rejected.

22 2 Document management31.03.06 Managing legal acts Approved drafts are collected to view 'ready for assembly'. Chair of assembly creates the agenda for the assembly. City government reviews the drafts and makes decisions. Passed drafts are made into legal acts and sent for execution. Acts are published on the web.

23 2323 Document management31.03.06 Publishing Depending on document type, status and classification, documents are published on the web. Registry records about all documents Full texts of legal acts Publishing process runs twice a day

24 2424 Document management31.03.06 Benefits Increased speed of processing. Decreased loss of documents. Compliance with legal requirements. Creating a basis for e-services. Better informing of citizens.

25 2525 Document management31.03.06 Future development goals Decreasing the amount of incoming paper documents. All documents can be sent electronically. City Government accepts all digitally signed documents, according to law. All necessary forms are added to KIT portal. e-forms are pre-filled using data from national databases. Linking with the upcoming national document exchange service. Full integration of digital signature.


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