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Change online shopping for good.™ new member tour.

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1 Change online shopping for good.™ new member tour

2 welcome Thank you for joining our community of shoppers who make a difference with everyday purchases. This Tour should help you get familiar with our Web site to very quickly and easily make and track your first purchase. In addition we have some tips to help you make the most of your online shopping and giving. Let’s get started!

3 getting started Your Homepage points of interest 1) Your Info-Your name, chosen cause(link), and total raised. 2) Current specials and 1st time buyer deals- These are links to discounts and special savings opportunities for members. 3) Shopping/the Mall-Links you to the Mall Foyer. All 400+ stores are listed. 4) Your Stats- Here you can view a ledger containing your confirmed purchases and donations. 5) Your Settings- Here you can change you settings and preferences. 6) Tell A Friend- Links to a page from which you can make referrals and calculate your potential bonus. 7) FAQs- Links to a page full of answers to frequently asked questions. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

4 shopping The Mall at points of interest 1) Deals and specials- Displays four current specials plus a link to many more. 2) Mall directory- Convenient list of over 20 categories in which you’ll find our 400+ featured stores. 3) Merchants A-Z-This is an alphabetical list of all our merchants. 4) Merchants by %- This is list of our merchants sorted by the % they donate to your cause. 5) Merchant advertising- Ads from merchants. 1 2 3 4 5

5 shopping Mall category points of interest 1) Merchant listing- Merchants are listed based on the size of the % donation from each purchase. Displayed is a brief description and their % to cause.Click on any logo to shop at that retailer. 2) Highlighted Offers- Find special deals at great iGive stores while you browse the iGive Mall category of your choice. 1 2

6 shopping Merchant points of interest 1) Frame- While shopping at most of our merchants, will remain as a frame above the merchant’s Web site. 2) Your Info- The iGive frame will display your name and summarize your earnings to date. 3) Merchant Donation-The iGive frame will indicate the percentage of your purchase at this site which will be donated. 4) Useful Links- Convenient links will take you to our current special offers, your settings, and much more. 5) Merchant Web Site- This is where your shopping will actually be done. All prices are the same as going directly to the merchant’s Web site. Our exclusive coupons will often save you $$! 1 234 5

7 specials & deals Current specials page points of interest 1) Current Specials- This is a comprehensive list of specials currently available at Many have codes or special links to follow to get free things or discounts. Check back often for updates and additions. 2) 1st Time Buyer Deals- Links to a list of merchants offering special coupons for new customers. If you have never made a purchase at one of these merchants you can take advantage of these extraordinary deals. Make note of the special codes. 3) Free Shipping- Links to a rapidly growing list of free shipping offer from our merchants. 1 2 3

8 tell-a-friend Tell a friend homepage points of interest 1) Tell-a-friend- Allows members to automate a referral to up to 5 friends at a time. These referrals (and five subsequent generations of referral) are tracked. All new members who follow the link who join and shop mean more money for your cause. This can add up to a sizable donation. 2) Estimate your potential- This is where you can calculate the size of your potential donation. Enter a few numbers to see how it adds up. 3) Personalized note for your referral-This field allows you to write a special note to your friend regarding 12 3

9 tracking My stats page points of interest 1) My stats- From here you can track all of your vital information. 2) Lifetime to date- Is a snap shot of all the money you have raised through online shopping. 3) Shopping- Shows all of your purchases, the merchants, the dates, and the amount donated to your cause. 4) Bonuses- Shows all donations derived from special opportunities. 5) Checks- Shows all the the disbursements made on your behalf. 6) Referrals- Shows all the money you’ve earned from referring new members through Tell-A-Friend. 1 2 3 4 6 5

10 settings My settings page points of interest 1) My settings- From here you change your member settings and preferences. Settings included are: My info My cause Cool stuff Newsletter subscriptions Tax deduction status Cancel membership 1

11 frequently asked questions FAQs directory points of interest 1) FAQs- A growing list of the most commonly asked questions about Questions are sorted by these categories: Shopping Window Shopping Membership Cause Tax 1

12 customer service Contact us page points of interest 1) Contact us- From here you can submit a question to various areas of You may also submit a resume for consideration. 2) Destination menu- Here you cans elect the destination you want your correspondence directed to. 1 2

13 tour recap This tour shared with you where to: Get started with Shop for your cause Find specials and deals Refer your friends to Track your shopping and donations Manage your personal settings Get answers to common questions Contact our customer service team

14 a reminder... allows you to turn up to 26% (sometimes more) of everyday purchases into donations to your favorite worthy cause. features over 600 of the most popular stores on the internet including Office Depot, Eddie Bauer, Lands’ End,, Barnes & Noble, Gap, and maintains member privacy. Donations through are potentially tax deductible maintains 100% open and honest member reporting, 24/7.

15 thank you Your everyday shopping can make a difference for a cause close to your heart.

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