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SEMESTER 1 FINAL PORTRAIT EBOOK BY: OLIVIA. Summary of Semester 1 The first semester of Drawing and Painting was a fun and challenging semester. I say.

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2 Summary of Semester 1 The first semester of Drawing and Painting was a fun and challenging semester. I say this because I enjoyed doing each individual project however sometimes I felt discouraged about the things I created compared to my classmates. I believe that the first semester of Drawing and Painting was a success. Although it can be frustrating at times and even though a lot of the seniors see it as just another class that is not needed I enjoy it a lot and feel I am successful in it. There were projects this semester I liked and did not like but they all had different processes that have helped my artistic ability. On top of this we also learned some important skills to help our drawings be more in depth. To me art is important and comes in many different forms and painting and drawing is only a couple of the well-known forms. I believe things like piercings and tattoos are also forms of art, it all depends on how an individual looks at life.

3 Elements & Principles Process Before we started the project we had to do a couple of sketches in our sketchbooks that included some elements or principles of art. To begin the actual project we went from table to table in which each had a different element, principle, and medium that was required to use. We had to add something from each table, big or small, and make sure each element and principle was shown in the piece. Medium: any in the classroom

4 Elements & Principles Final Piece The purpose of this project was mainly to review the elements and principles of art for us because we all took art 1 but it was also to introduce us to all the different mediums available to us besides just our basic crayons or markers. This was one of my least favorite projects because we really had no guidelines.I am someone who usually experiences writers AND artists block therefore it was difficult for me to come up with something to draw for the project.

5 Still Life Process Before starting the project, we had to draw an object for homework that was from our perspective. Then, the first step to our project was to locate a light source to base our still life off of. Next, we created the outlines of the fruits and veggies and added contour lines. After this, we added color to our fruit. Finally, we began to add the shading and light spots we saw to make it look realistic. To conclude, we added a background of our choice. Medium: pastels

6 Still Life Final Artwork The purpose of this project was to teach us how to draw from perspective and make our pictures look realistic. For many art students drawings come out looking like a cartoon or unrealistic because we were never taught how to add in shading and depth. This was one of my favorite projects because it was interesting to see these everyday objects in a new light by studying their shadows and light spots.

7 Handscape Process Before starting the project we practiced drawing realistic looking hands. Then we brainstormed a couple of landscapes we could add hands into. To start the project we had to think of a landspace we wanted to draw, realistic or surreal. We made sure the picture included a foreground, middle ground, and background. Then we had to find a way to incorporate a hand. Next we added in shading. The last step was to decide whether or not we wanted to add color to our handscape. Medium: colored pencils

8 Handscape Final Piece The point of the “Handscape” project was to draw realistic looking hands and also to use our creativity to include a hand in a scenery of our choice. I chose to do a cemetery scenery because Halloween was around the time we did this project. I had fun preparing for this project however I was not overly excited with the outcome of my project. It was hard for me to draw realistic hands and once I started coloring it I immediatly regretted it.

9 Eye Fear Process To begin this project we spent a class period following a youtube video of an artist drawing a realisitic eye. The next day, we were to think of things we fear and make symbols for these fears. Next, we looked through magazines for pictures of eyes and picked one that we wanted to draw. Then we were to draw a sketch of this eye using an entire sketchbook paper and include our fear symbol in the pupil. Finally, we were to draw on the final paper using only pen and including a light source. Medium: pen

10 Eye Fear Final Piece The purpose of this project was to continue on with our theme of drawing from perspective. This was also a project where we were to really open up and include some personal aspects. I really enjoyed this project because I have always struggled with drawing different body parts realistically. I chose the symbol of a skull for death. I am not afraid to die but rather I am afraid of the people I love dying.

11 BAP Process To begin our beautifully abject portriat we had to brainstorm things that we thought were beautiful that others might not find attractive. Then, we were to find different pictures off the internet or magazines that would help us draw these characteristics realistically. After this, when starting our final project, we were to, in Ms. Coffee’s words, “create a coloring page” of our portrait. Finally, we used water color pencils to complete our portrait. Medium: water color pencils

12 BAP Final Artwork The purpose of this project was to draw a realistic portrait with characteristics that we find beautiful that society generally does not. I chose to do two features that are seen on animals because I love animals and many other people see them as gross or nothing at all. I believe that this project helped open our eyes as a whole because it made us see that just because we are insecure about a gap between our teeth or a mole on our face, someone else may find it beautiful.

13 Abstraction Process To begin this project we were to read through our “Doodling and Noodling” packet. Then we were to clear our minds and just let our hands go freely to doodle on our sketchbook. Once we had some kind of parted shapes on our paper we were to add different doodle techniques we saw in the packet or create some of our own. After adding marker to our sketch we picked a part of our sketch that we wanted to make larger. Finally, we got a big paper and copied our portion of our abstract drawing onto it and added color. Medium: marker and oil pastels

14 Abstraction Final Piece The purpose of this project was to show that you do not always have to have a specific topic or idea for art to produce something beautiful. This was a project for us to go free and practice different patterns and techniques. I enjoyed this project because there was really no right or wrong way to do it. However, completing the large paper was frustrating because trying to use one color scheme made me feel like I was being too repetative and held back.

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