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Dissemination of Construit! results KEY LEADER: EDUMOTIVA LAB.

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1 Dissemination of Construit! results KEY LEADER: EDUMOTIVA LAB

2 Why?  The goal of dissemination activities is to spread the word about CONSTRUIT! project, raising awareness on CONSTRUIT! initiative and attracting engagement from interested individuals and organizations.

3 Our dissemination plan has to reflect on:  Types of dissemination and exploitation activities (what?)  The most appropriate means (how to do it?)  The most appropriate and efficient calendar (when?)  The available resources – human and financial 3

4 What?  project ideas  pedagogical principles and concepts,  educational resources,  developed courses  and other outcomes...

5 Dissemination activity 1: Website  Project Website

6 Dissemination of our project results: Part of our contractual obligations (Grant Agreement): "The website should be kept up-to-date with at least: a description of the action, the contact details of the coordinating organization, the list of the partner organisations (if they agree), mention of the Community’s financial support with relevant logo and access to the principal results, as and when they become available."

7 Construit! Website  Key areas  objectives, pedagogical concepts, collaborative activities, scheduled meetings, list of dissemination activities, links to resources, interim and final results etc.  Examples 

8 Dissemination activity 2  Start-up leaflet  explaining project aims in all partner languages  Bi-annual newsletters  documenting progress, important activities, achieved results and plans for the future in an ‘easy to grasp’ manner.

9 Dissemination Activity 3  Presentations/publications to  Conferences  Workshops  Symposia

10 Dissemination activity 4  Development of a web presence through social and other contemporary media  Social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook...)  Web platforms, online portals...  Distribution of press releases

11 Dissemination activity 5: Public relations  Contacts with professional bodies, administrative authorities and policy makers  Through targeted presentations or distribution of press releases

12 Dissemination activity 6  Use of Erasmus+ dissemination platform  plus/projects/ plus/projects/

13 Dissemination Activity 7: Virtual Workshops  ‘Workshops at preliminary stages will target the teacher community in each country, the higher education community and other interested parties. As the project progresses virtual workshops will focus on different thematic areas and will be oriented towards the needs of specific target groups. In total 10 virtual workshops are planned to take place during the project implementation period’. (retrieved from proposal form)

14 Other ideas?  Links to other EU projects ?

15 Do we need a logo? Ideas?

16 Formulation  Dissemination table exampleexample  Templates for reports

17 Contractual obligation  Use of the Erasmus+ logo:  Disclaimer "This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication[communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein."

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