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The Data Information and Management System (DIMS)

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1 The Data Information and Management System (DIMS)
Wilhelm Wildegger, DLR, DFD Version

2 Earth Observation from Space
Data Acquisition Application Distribution Archiving Product Generation Calibration DFD, W. Wildegger

3 Support for Numerous Missions
EnMAP Support for Numerous Missions TanDEM-X Mission Examples TerraSAR-X National Missions European Missions International Missions METOP ENVISAT Airborne Imaging Terra & Aqua CHAMP SRTM Product Examples DFD, W. Wildegger

4 Specific and General Tasks
Users User Information Services EOWEB® DIMS Product Library Archive Inventory Order Manage-ment Online/ Offline Delivery Data Information and Management System (DIMS) General tasks, common to all missions and sensors Multi-Mission System Production Control Atmospheric Radar Specific tasks: Processing of data Processing Systems Optical DFD, W. Wildegger

5 DIMS Facility DIMS Short, Medium and Long Term Archiving User Systems
Pickup Point EOWEB® User Information Service DIMS Operating Tool UIS Loader/ Interface Ordering Control Online/Offline Prod. Gen.& Delivery Product Library Short, Medium and Long Term Archiving Production Control Monitoring & Alarm Ingestion System Processing System Post-Processing Data Flow Pickup Point Control Flow DFD, W. Wildegger

6 DIMS, some numbers Today (Oberpfaffenhofen and Neustrelitz)
ca. 50 processing systems connected to DIMS ca product transfers per month ca. 100 product types ca. 1,000,000 products ca. 6.7 Mio. files ca. 200 TByte of data DFD, W. Wildegger

7 C-AF Production Network
New DIMS Hardware MSG Proc. System(s) ERS-2 GOME L2/L3 Proc. System(s) SRTM X-SAR Proc. Systems Terra/Aqua MODIS Proc. Systems AIR OS Proc. System(s) ... TerraSAR-X TVSP Proc. System Processing Systems Product Library Ordering Control Production Control Name/Web/ SW Service Sun Cluster DIMS Ordering Control Server Production Control Server DIMS Operations Server Product Library / Inventory Server Archive Server Secondary Copy Robot Library (remote) FC Switch FC Sw. FC Sw. FC Sw. ... 8* LTO-3 SAN Storage System 25 TByte FC Switch LX fiber links Online/Offline Product Gen. & Delivery Tape SAN Primary Copy Robot Library Disk SAN ... User Inform. Services Post Processing 13* 9940B High Availability High Availability Server UIS Server Post Processing Server CD/ DVD Writing System Online/ Offline Product Gen. Server 2* LTO-2 AMU C-AF Production Network CAF Firewall to DLR Backbone Switch DFD, W. Wildegger

8 Hierarchical Storage Management
a r c h i v e 1st Copy migrate write stage Quantum AML-2 2nd Copy (remote) read Disk Cache Online Nearline Quantum i2000 2200 TByte archiving capacity, 10 TByte disk cache DFD, W. Wildegger

9 New versus Old DIMS Hardware Archive Tape Drives and Media
Type Native Capacity Total Capacity of Robot Library Read / Write Speed Connec-tion old primary copy Sony AIT-2 50 GByte ca slots 300 TByte 5 MByte/s SCSI new primary copy Sun / STK 9940B 200 GByte ca. 10,000 slots 2 PByte 30 MByte/s SAN old secondary copy DLT7000 35 GByte ca slots 35 TByte + off robot storage 3 MByte/s new secondary copy IBM LTO-3 400 GByte ca slots 400 TByte up to 80 MByte/s DFD, W. Wildegger

10 DFD, W. Wildegger

11 DFD, W. Wildegger

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