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The New Food Guide Pyramid

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1 The New Food Guide Pyramid

2 The Old Food Pyramid


4 The Old Food Pyramid


6 Grains: Bread,Cereal,Rice,& Pasta
Based on one ounce 1 slice of bread 1 oz ready to eat cereal ½ cup cooked cereal ½ cup rice ½ cup pasta

7 Vegetables 1 cup raw leafy vegetables, lettuce and spinach
½ cup cut up raw vegetables ½ cup cooked vegetables ¾ cup or 6oz. vegetable juice

8 Fruit 1 medium piece of raw fruit, apple, banana, orange or peach, for example ½ cup cut-up raw fruit ½ cup canned fruit (not in sugar syrup) ¾ of fruit juice (100% juice)

9 Milk 1 cup milk or yogurt 1 ½ oz. natural cheese ( ie. cheddar or swiss) 2 oz. processed cheese ( ie. American)

10 Meat & Beans Meat, Poultry, Fish, Dried Beans, Eggs & Nuts
2-3 oz. cooked, lean meat, poultry or fish 1 ounce of meat equals ½ cup cooked beans or 1 egg or 2 Tablespoons peanut butter

11 Fats, Oils & Sweets Use limited TIPS
Make most of your fat sources from fish, nuts & vegetable oils Limit solid fats like butter, margarine, shortening & lard Keep saturated fats, trans fats, & salt low Choose food & beverages low in added sugars

12 Physical Activity Find your balance between food and physical activity
Stay within your daily calorie needs Be physically active for 30 minutes most days 60 minutes of physical activity needed to prevent weight gain Children and teenagers should be physically active of 60 minutes most days

13 Diet Related Illnesses
Heart disease Hypertension Diabetes Type I & Type II Osteoporosis Obesity Stroke Cancer

14 Heart Disease

15 Heart Disease The number 1 killer of men and women Prevention Steps
Stop smoking ( DON’T START!!) Reduce consumption of fat especially saturated fat Reduce consumption of cholesterol Achieve and maintain desirable body weight Reduce intake of salt/sodium Increase exercise Return to Stroke

16 Hypertension

17 Hypertension High blood pressure AKA The Silent Killer
Prevention Steps Reduce sodium Weight control Increase physical activity Alcohol in moderation Add calcium rich foods Increase of magnesium, potassium & vitamin C

18 Diabetes The body is unable to handle carbohydrates normally Type I about 10% of total cases Used to be called juvenile diabetes Caused by genetics, viral infection, other diseases or toxins Type II About 90% of total cases Used to be called adult onset Obesity worsens insulin resistance Incidence increases with age Now occurring in children

19 Diabetes Affected areas Risk factors

20 Diabetes Prevention Steps Weight control & Exercise
To control diabetes Balanced diabetic diet High in complex carbohydrates Provides enough fiber Low in saturated fat Not too high in protein Increase and maintain exercise Take necessary medicine to control glucose level

21 Osteoporosis

22 Osteoporosis AKA Brittle bone disease Prevention steps
Adequate calcium during preteen and teen years Need vitamin D to absorb calcium Exercise with impact to build bone Muscle strengthening promotes bone growth Strong muscles improves balance to help prevent falls Calcium and vitamin D supplements as you age No smoking Alcohol in moderation

23 Stroke

24 Stroke Blood clot to the brain or hemorrhage Prevention steps
Same as for Heart Disease

25 Cancer Colon cancer

26 Cancer Prevention steps Do Not Smoke High fiber diet
Diet low in saturated fat Diet low in smoked and charbroiled foods Eat foods containing Vitamin C and beta-carotene Eat plenty of cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, greens and bok choy

27 Obesity

28 Obesity Well balanced diet Diet high in complex carbohydrates
Diet low in saturated fat Increase exercise

29 The Deadly Quartet Type II diabetes Obesity
High blood cholesterol (high LDL) Hypertension

30 You Are What You Eat.

31 Healthy Foods and Active Lifestyle Can Be Fun

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