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Kisserup International Trade Roots Panel Discussion Management Consulting Business Symposium - 2

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1 Kisserup International Trade Roots Panel Discussion Management Consulting Business Symposium - 2

2 Mission Statement We make a living from what we receive and we make a life for what we give. If we are principled, enthusiastic and uncompromising in our goals, we can, and we improve human, environmental and global conditions. In trade, in co-operation, in partnerships, in all activities. Kisserup International Trade Roots is an international trade training, project management, research and business consulting company. Established in 1998, with offices in Copenhagen, Denmark and Nova Scotia, Canada. Kisserup has worked on projects in more than fifty (50) countries through private sector, government agencies, industry and trade associations, bilateral donors and multilateral donor agencies. A view from our European Office

3 Export DevelopmentCapacity BuildingTrade TrainingMentoring Workshop FacilitationManagement ConsultingTrade Policy DevelopmentInstitutional StrengtheningResearch and Delivery Our Services

4 Lessons Learned… The Elephant in the room The Dragon in Africa Local Partnering Local vs. Local Local vs. International Tied Aid vs. Non-Tied Aid

5 Lessons Learned Trinidad & Tobago: Ministry of Trade & Industry in Trinidad & Tobago - EPA Awareness Workshops (Referral & RFP Process) Designed and delivered a training program consisting of EPA Awareness Workshops to provide an overview on exporting services under the CARIFORUM/EU Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA). Focus on Goods & Services Focus on chosen EU markets Focus on chosen sectors Value added: EU Network

6 Lessons Learned Copenhagen, Denmark – The UN Climate Conference COP 15 Trade Mission (Standing Offer & RFP Process) Consulting, matchmaking and logistics services for a political and private sector delegation attending the UN Climate Conference COP15 and Bright Green in Copenhagen in December, 2009. Value added: Local office

7 Lessons Learned Jamaica: PSOJ IDB Corporate Governance in Family Owned Businesses Project (Local Partnering & RFP Process) Four (4) Phases Island wide workshops Train-the-Trainer Local Consultants Technical Assistance Value added: Technology transfer

8 Sourcing Strategic Partners Chamber of Commerce / Business Associates /Governments / Foreign Embassies and Trade Commissioners / Business Associations / Business Advisors / Financial Institutions / Commercial Databases / Expos and Trade Shows Characteristics: SizeStructure Management Style Operating Style Operations: Systems for Communication Logistics Company Management Attitudes: Strategic ObjectivesLevel of Cooperation

9 Canada - CARICOM Certification Immigration Gratification

10 The EPA The CARIFORUM-EC Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) is an international agreement which fully complies with WTO rules and provides greater security for Caribbean traders and investors. Remove barriers to trade over time between the two regions Enable both regions to work more closely together on trade issues Allow freer trade in goods and services, and attract more investment, between the two regions, by providing an open, transparent and predictable legal framework Thereby help make Caribbean countries more competitive in world markets

11 Greenfield Investment – establishing a company or branch in the export market The service provider moves temporarily to provide the service When customer moves to utilize a service Service is provided but the service provider does not move Mode 1: Cross Border Supply Mode 2: Consumption abroad Mode 3: Commercial Presence Mode 4: Supply via presence of natural persons GATS: Modes of Service Supply

12 Highlights Under the EPA Management Consulting Services have been liberalized by the EU for Temporary Entry by Contractual Services Suppliers from Cariforum (employees of services firms) Management Consulting Services have been liberalized by the EU for Temporary Entry by Independent Professionals (self- employed persons) Management Consulting Services The main sectors that most CARIFORUM states have liberalized in the EPA are: Business services (accounting, architecture, engineering, etc); computer and related; research and development; environmental services; management consultancy; maritime transport; entertainment; tourism; among others. Under the EPA

13 PRO€INVEST Activities from 2002 to 2008 PRO€INVEST is an EU-ACP partnership programme for the promotion of investment and technology flows in the ACP countries undertaken by the European Commission on behalf of the ACP Group of States. The Programme was launched in 2002 with a budget of €110 million and subsequently extended to the end of March 2011. Source: What is PRO€INVEST? PRO€INVEST Management Unit.

14 PRO€INVEST Technical Assistance Technical Assistance (TA) is an instrument which offers opportunities to elaborate and implement projects related to all kind of activities that directly concern intermediary and regional organisations, active in the ACP countries. Source: Technical Assistance, PRO€INVEST Management Unit. If you are.... A sector oriented or a professional association A Chamber of Commerce An Investment Promotion Agency and you need to..... Create an investment friendly environment for your members Facilitate your members’ export to Europe Attract investors PRO€INVEST can help you to: Establish a public- private partnership to facilitate dialogue Obtain international certification needed to enter foreign markets Matchmaking project holders and investors

15 Europe 2020: Three priorities for sustainable growth and jobs Innovation Education Digital Society Growth based on knowledge and innovation Employment Skills Fighting Poverty An inclusive high- employment society Combating climate change Clean and efficient energy Competitiveness Green growth: a competitive and sustainable economy Source: Presentation of J.M. Barroso to the Informal European Council, 11 February 2010

16 Management Consulting opportunities : NGOGovernmentPrivate SectorIFI IPP/International Procurement Process Trade & Industry AssociationsMediaMemberships Networking Events/Trade Shows Skype Caribbean Export Development Agency, Direct and indirect TA Compete Caribbean, direct and indirect TA CARICOM Secretariat, Direct and indirect TA European Union (EU), Direct and Indirect TA CIDA, Local Representation, Direct and indirect TA, JV, MERX, TFO Canada TED - Tenders Electronic Daily Direct access to public calls for tender from across the EU and Europe, on average 1,200 new notices every day (

17 Contact Us Europe Rådhuspladsen 16 1550 Copenhagen Denmark Europe Phone: (+45) 88 96 87 41 North America 1657 Barrington Street Roy Building, Suite 310 Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada B3J 2A1 Phone: 902 405 3880 Ms. Pernille Fischer Boulter President & CEO Kisserup International Trade Roots Europe & Inc. Email:

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