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Welcome Aims of the Evening. Explain the Key Stage 4 curriculum and the options process.

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1 Welcome Aims of the Evening. Explain the Key Stage 4 curriculum and the options process.

2 Key stage 4 What is the difference? students study subjects in more depth they must choose some and stop studying others not everyone will study the same thing students will work towards a qualification

3 The college aims to ensure that all students leave with a qualification – GCSE – Vocational GCSE – BTEC – Key Skill The college aims to ensure that all students are still educated in life skills, moral, spiritual & cultural aspects of life.

4 CONSIDER OPTIONS 17 GCSE Foundation Learning/GCSE/Level 1 or 2 Apprenticeship BTEC Foundation Learning Main routes through 14-19 education and training Level 3 BTEC or Equivalent A-Level Employment with training CONSIDER OPTIONS 14 Further education Higher education Employment Employment with training Apprenticeship post 18 Functional Skills and Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills There are, of course, many other options after you turn 18, including a gap year and volunteering CONSIDER OPTIONS 18 CONSIDER OPTIONS 16

5 The Curriculum

6 Curriculum English Maths BTEC Science Biology BTEC Science PE Religious Studies Option 1 Option 2 Option 3

7 Curriculum Triple Science English Maths Chemistry Biology Physics PE Religious Studies Option 1 Option 2 Option 3

8 Curriculum Work Related Learning English Maths Work Related Learning Science PE Religious Studies Option 1 Option 2 Option 3


10 Science PhysicsBiology Core Science Chemistry Additional Science Application of applied science Principles of applied Science GCSE BTEC

11 The Work Related Learning Course Engaging Will lead to a qualification equivalent to a GCSE Will be available at level 1 or level 2 Will help students become more prepared for the world of work Will include an element of work experience

12 What should I consider? Career Does it lead to a job? InterestsDo you enjoy it? Your abilityAre you good at it? PathwaysWhere can I go next? Learning stylesDo it suit the way I learn?

13 BTECs and GCSEs GCSE A-Level Post 16 Key Stage 4 BTEC Award Level 1 BTEC Award Level 2 BTEC Award Level 3 BTEC Diploma Level 3 BTEC Award Level 2

14 Recent changes/concerns Aren’t the new government going to change BTECs? What is the EBacc? Is there a change to acceptable qualifications?

15 Government report on Vocational Education The Wolf Report High-quality vocational qualifications can offer a valued and legitimate path to both higher education and employment. Only rigorous vocational qualifications which add real value to young people’s education should be recognised in school league tables

16 BTEC National Diplomas are also valuable in the labour market, and a familiar and acknowledged route into higher education, alone or in conjunction with 1 or 2 A level Recent Government report on Vocational Education The Wolf Report

17 Changes to Qualifications We also propose that other qualifications should only count if: They have a proven track record - only qualifications that have been taught for at least two years with good levels of take-up among 14-16 year olds should be included. They offer pupils progression into a broad range of qualifications post-16 rather than a limited number in one or two occupational areas. They are the size of a GCSE or bigger. They have a substantial proportion of external assessment. They have grades such as A*-G (those with simple pass or fail results will be excluded).

18 Are our subjects on the approved list? Yes! 4827 courses were narrowed down to less than 100. All our BTEC courses are on the approved list

19 The EBacc The English Baccalaureate (EBacc) The government have added a measure to school performance tables which counts those students who gain C+ grades in… MathsGeography or History EnglishA Language (French or German) 2 GCSE Science (core and additional or 2 from Biology, Physics and Chemistry)

20 The EBacc The English Baccalaureate (EBacc) The measure is intended to make it easier to identify “those schools which succeed in giving their pupils a properly rounded academic education”.

21 Extract from “Informed choices” Produced by the Russell group of Universities Applicants to study Medicine are usually required to have very good GCSE results in Maths, Science, and English. For a degree in English, universities often look for applicants to have a GCSE in a modern or classical language. For a Business degree, a grade B in GCSE Maths is often required. A grade B in Maths and sometimes Science is often required for a degree in Psychology. To study a science subject at university (including Biology, Chemistry or Physics) applicants who are not offering Maths at advanced level will often need to have achieved a grade C in Maths at GCSE. Occasionally, a university will require a foreign language for entry to any course, for example, University College London is introducing such a requirement from 2012 entry. Click to view the Document.

22 Art (TX)EngineeringICT (BTEC) German John Smith 9R John Smith MSmith

23 On the form Make it clear whether it is Btec or GCSE Don’t chose a Btec and a GCSE in the same subject Pick at least one GCSE course If you want to qualify for the Ebacc make sure you pick a language and Geography or History

24 Reserve? Reserve choices are for our information only. We will not put you in a reserve choice without consulting with you and parents first.

25 Why don’t we just do blocks? Each year is different and it helps us to make sure we get the highest numbers of students into their preferred course.

26 Where to get advice Subject teacher Form tutor Connexions service Personal interview Connexions website Options Booklet Check the FAQs page in the booklet


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