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Mail Marketing Reaching Consumers with direct mail.

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1 Mail Marketing Reaching Consumers with direct mail

2 Mail Marketing Contents Recent trends in direct marketing and direct mail Mail trends in the letterbox Reaching the consumer in the information age Impact Mail

3 Mail Marketing Background - Media Landscape Media fragmentation Hike in media rates while audiences reduce Changing consumer behaviour –Know marketing tactics –Discerning, experienced consumers - they interpret brand from their experience (the moments of truth), not from the brand expression. –Simultaneous media consumption –Time Poor

4 Mail Marketing Background - Media Landscape Marketers have more confidence in the ability of direct mail to achieve results than any other medium. (Fin Review, Boss Marketing Directions). The direct marketing industry is growing at a rate of 17% a year and it now represents over 50% of all media spend CEASA Report, 2002.

5 Mail Marketing Source: USPS/Royal Mail So what are the opportunities for us here in Australia?

6 Mail Marketing UK recorded 5% growth in 2002 Netherlands also achieves similar volumes to UK Source: USPS/Royal Mail Addressed DM Pieces Per Head Per Annum

7 Mail Marketing Source: USPS/Royal Mail Direct Mail as % of Ad Spend

8 Mail Marketing Source: USPS/Royal Mail Direct Mail Vol as % of Total Mail

9 Mail Marketing Personally addressed mail has cut through

10 Mail Marketing % likely to respond

11 Mail Marketing Reaching Consumers In the information age Marketing and Promotional Communications

12 Mail Marketing The Research Reaching Consumers in the Information Age Independently researched by TNS, 3rd largest marketing information company in the world Qualitative & quantitative study surveying 1001 consumers Reports on how and when they prefer to receive messages from Australian businesses

13 Mail Marketing Research Scope Customers’ preferred media for receiving business communications Marketing & promotional information Essential, e.g. bills, annual reports Includes preferred frequency of communication Customers Non-customers Acquisition Business process/ billing Drive customer revenue

14 Mail Marketing Research Scope Preferred media for marketing communications by: customers / non-customers industry sector and demographic information Includes summary charts and analysis of each of the findings

15 Mail Marketing Advertising & Promotional Material Mail preferred channel 36% prefer mail when addressed catalogues are included Base sample 1001

16 Mail Marketing Loyalty Programmes Mail clearly preferred channel, by nearly three quarters of consumers With many loyalty schemes trying to migrate customers to online channels it’s interesting to note only 9% prefer email and 1% prefer websites Base sample 1001

17 Mail Marketing Club or Membership Newsletters Although some organisations may be tempted to send electronic newsletters mail is preferred to email by 5:1 Base sample 1001

18 Mail Marketing New Product Announcements Base sample 1001 TV preferred but mail cannot be overlooked Mail and catalogues combined equals to almost a third of consumers Strong argument for integrated campaigns when launching new products

19 Mail Marketing In Essence the consumer is telling us …. Send us mail!

20 Mail Marketing Research tells us that…. 89% of ad agencies surveyed would increase their use of Direct Mail if they could send non- rectangular pieces

21 Mail Marketing IMPACT MAIL

22 Mail Marketing Creativity with direct mail shapes enables highly targeted messages that differentiates your mailing with instant impact DM with Bite

23 Mail Marketing Benefits of Impact Mail Creative Freedom – Colour, shape, size and style are all open to your own interpretation. Almost anything goes…! Australia Post strongly recommends that only paper based card stock is used. However other material may be accepted subject to approval prior to lodgement.

24 Mail Marketing What is IMPACT Mail? Impact Mail Product Overview Impact Mail is a service that will provide for the delivery of customised shaped articles through Australia Post. Unlike existing Bulk Letter Services Impact Mail will not require articles to be rectangular or oblong. Impact Mail will accept items of any shape up to the maximum permissible dimensions

25 Mail Marketing Opportunity A new service to: Generate improved response rates Demonstrates the power of instant shape recognition - No limits & unique - Very high readership - Enable users to go the next step…

26 Mail Marketing Why? Grow promotional mail Improve the ROI by meeting a need for a creative, tactile promotional medium

27 Mail Marketing In Summary Local and international figures tell us that Mail as a marketing medium is under utilised in Australia Promotional mail is enjoyed by the consumer More importantly promotional mail has cut through and the consumer wants to receive it regularly Now Australia Post have provided Marketers with the opportunity to produce customised shapes through the mail in order to allow for greater creativity as well as an increase in response rates.

28 Mail Marketing Thank you Visit and download the full research report Other reports also available as well as further details on the Impact Mail Product.

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