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Modified By S. Purcell & T. Wenzel Originally Created By N. Kawalec.

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2 Modified By S. Purcell & T. Wenzel Originally Created By N. Kawalec

3 Commonly asked questions regarding The CAHSEE

4 “What is the CAHSEE?”

5 “The California High School Exit Examination” The CAHSEE is a High school Graduation requirement. The CAHSEE will test 3 areas: –Reading, –Writing, –Mathematics. “What is the CAHSEE?”

6 “What will I be tested on?”

7 Word Analysis (7 Questions) Reading Comprehension (18 Questions) Literary Response and Analysis (20 Questions) Measurement and Geometry (17 Questions) Algebra and Functions (17 Questions) Math Reasoning (8 Questions) Algebra 1 (12 Questions) Number Sense (14 Questions) Statistics, Data Analysis, Probability (12 Questions) Writing Strategies (12 Questions) Written English Language Conventions (15 Questions) Essay (1 Question) What will I be tested on? Topic = CAHSEE

8 “How well are we expected to do on the test?” You need a score of –350 to pass –380 proficient in both English and Math. Once you have passed both sections, you will not have to retake the test.

9 More commonly asked questions regarding the CAHSEE.

10 Getting Stuck “What should I do if I get stuck on a question? Should I work at it for a while, or should I skip it?”

11 Skip it! (Answer the easy ones first) Come back and use the strategies for guessing. make sure you answer every question. Getting Stuck

12 Guessing “If I don’t know the answer should I guess, or to leave the answer blank?”

13 Guessing Guess, but only if you don’t know the answer. You are not marked down for wrong answers! Eliminate any obviously wrong answers first. Eliminate answers that start with “always,” never, none, least, or most Longest answer is often correct!

14 “What happens if I am sick and miss part of the test?”

15 You better be really Sick! Do your best to be here every day. You will have to make up the test eventually, so make it if you can. If you are too ill to effectively take the test, stay home.

16 What can I do to be physically ready?

17 Sleep! You need to be rested and ready for the challenge of the new day. Eat a good breakfast. –Stay away from soda, candy and coffee. They will make you too hyper to take the test. Be on Time!

18 How Can I Prepare For the CAHSEE? Pay attention in class Carefully work through the CAHSEE booklets your teachers have been going over with you. Take a practice test using the Released Items and become familiar with the format of the CAHSEE.

19 Strategies for Language Arts Tests

20 Tip #1-Read the question first! Read the questions first! Study any graphs, charts and/or diagrams. Read the 1 st Paragraph, –1 sentence of every paragraph after –Read the concluding paragraph Make sure you understand what each question is asking you.

21 Do I Really Have To Write An Essay? Yes, the essay portion accounts for 20% of your overall English Language Arts Score. You MUST put a response on the paper in order to receive a passing score. You may be asked to write either a Response to: –Literature, –Biographical Narrative, –Business Letter, –Expository Essay –Persuasive Essay.

22 Checklist for Writing Read the description of the task carefully. Map, graph, cluster, or outline the main points you want to make before you begin your essay. Use specific details and examples to fully support your ideas. Organize your writing with a strong introduction, body, and conclusion. Vary your sentences to make your writing interesting to read. Check for mistakes in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence formation.

23 Checklist for Writing Remember, a good answer: –Starts with a direct response to the question –Mentions the topics described in the question –Provides specific as well as general information –Uses academic language

24 Strategies for Math Tests

25 Draw and Write!!! Write in the test booklet. Cross out answers that you know are wrong. Draw diagrams or pictures for word problems.

26 Test taking tips (continued) Discover the power of custom layouts

27 If can eliminate wrong answers or if you don’t have a clue...Guess! If you can eliminate two obviously wrong answers you have a 50-50 chance of guessing the right one…do you feel lucky?

28 Solve the problem! Show your work! It may not be graded, but it will help you be sure of your answer and avoid silly mistakes.

29 Check Your Work! When you finish you’re the last question, go back and check your work for careless mistakes. Sometimes this buys you the one or two questions that can make a difference in passing.


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