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HOW TO GET INVOLVED Brought to you by your School Counseling and Pupil Services Departments.

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1 HOW TO GET INVOLVED Brought to you by your School Counseling and Pupil Services Departments

2 CLUBS OFFERED AT HALL: Action Club (Social Justice)Cross Age Connections Anime ClubDrill Team Art ClubEmpty Bowls Asian Cultural ClubEnvironmental Awareness Brass/Woodwind UnitedFashion Club Bowling ClubFeminist Coalition Careers in Health CareFilmmaking Club Chem-4-KidsGay/Straight Alliance Chemistry ClubGame of Books Club Chess ClubHall High Animal Aid Coalition Circle of FriendsHall High Literary Magazine (Sententia) Class Leadership BoardHall High Political Club Community Service ClubHall High Think Tank CT Youth ForumHall Poets Society

3 MORE CLUBS & ACTIVITIES: Hallmarks Health and Fitness Club Highlights J.E.T.S.- (Junior Engineering & Technology Club) Human Rights Coalition Improv Club Investment Club Iron Primates Barbell Club Jazz Dancers Jewish Student Union Latin ClubMath Team Lead by ExampleMock Trial Team Lemon ClubModel U.N. Link CrewMovie Club Medical Club

4 MORE CLUBS, MORE CLUBS, MORE CLUBS!! Multicultural Club P.L.A.C.- Perspicacious Literary Club Ping Pong Club Quiz Bowl Relay for Life Science Tech Innovation Club Sign Language Club Student Association Technology 3000 The Answer Video Club Y.E.S. (Young Educators Society) Hall Boys Barbell Club

5 School and Community-wide Involvement ●Unified Theatre- ●Unified Sports- link on ‘Athletics’ section of school website

6 I want to volunteer...where do I start? Volunteer Board outside of Career Center → → ●Ask yourself: Why do I want to volunteer? ● Choose an organization important to you and your interests ● Look for opportunities to join that organization in the area o Call the organization to find out where you’d fit best

7 Volunteer Opportunities are abundant!

8 Senior Residences that could use some help from youth: West Hartford Health & Rehab Center 860- 521-8700 The Reservoir 860-561-7022 Hughes Health & Rehab 860-236-5623 Saint Mary Home 860-570-8200 Holiday Retirement Residence 860-233-8208

9 Sports Teams Coming Up! Winter (Registration begins 11/1) ● Boys & Girls Basketball ● Cheerleading ● Gymnastics ● Boys & Girls Ice Hockey ● Indoor Track and Field ● Boys Swimming and Diving ● Wrestling Spring ●Baseball ●Softball ●Boys & Girls Golf ●Boys & Girls Lacrosse ●Boys & Girls Tennis ●Boys & Girls Track and Field ●Boys Volleyball

10 Steps to take: ● Have a parent go online to - create an account and register you for the ● Need a physical on file with the school nurse o MUST use blue form found at : main office, nurses’ office, your doctor’s office, or on the website. ● Turn in a completed fee waiver if applicable o If paying by check - turn in to athletic office ● TRY OUT! (May be a cut/non-cut sport)


12 SELF-ADVOCACY! When joining clubs/sports, finding volunteer opportunities, or looking for jobs…...they aren’t going to come to you. YOU need to find THEM! We’re always “writing” our resumes - maybe not literally, but any activity we do can be added to a future resume.

13 What would your resume look like?

14 So now...go out and get involved! Play video:

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