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7th Grade PEP Goal Setting.

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1 7th Grade PEP Goal Setting

2 Overview Review SMART Goals Review goals & pathways
Explore co-curricular opportunities Learn the components of a resume’ Complete College in Colorado resume

3 S A R T M SMART Goals Specific (who, what, where when, why, how)
Specific (who, what, where when, why, how) Something you can Measure so you know when you have reached it Attainable (within your power and actions to make it happen) Realistic (within your reach to achieve) Timely (set a timeline for when you will reach your goal) S M A R T

4 Co-curricular Opportunities
Academic goals are very important. However, just as important are activities that support but are not directly a part of your academic program. These activities are called co-curricular activities. Co-curricular activities can help you discover your talents, explore your interests, reach your goals and even build your resume. Examples: Clubs: Art, drama, debate, mock trial, yearbook, etc. Sports: volleyball, golf, baseball, football, tennis, track, etc. Pre-collegiates: AVID, Colorado Uplift, Gear-up, etc.

5 Co-Curricular activities can help build pathways to your goals
Long-term (5-10 years) Intermediate goals (2-5 years) Pathways Short-term goals and the steps to get there (1 month, 2 months, 6 months, or within 1-2 years)

6 (EXAMPLE) GOAL: _Helping __ __ Career Path_ ______ ___________________
5) Part- time job to save for college 4) Track & basketball team recognition Participate in pre-collegiate program, project voice, & class council 3) Leadership at church youth group & tutor at local teen center 2) WHY: 1) ) 2) ) 3) ) 4) ) Earn 3’s &/or 4’s on report card & make National Honor Society 1)

7 Co-curricular Activities
Using your handout, compile a list of your current school and community co-curricular activities. Using your handout, list your co-curricular goals or future activities. For instance, list some clubs or sports teams you might be interested in joining. Write a short-term SMART goal regarding one of these activities.

8 Co-curricular Activities
Student Council or Student Leadership National Honor Society Project Voice Sports Teams (e.g. volleyball, cross-country, football, basketball, wrestling, track, golf, baseball, softball, swimming, tennis, cheerleading, dance or step team, etc.) Band, jazz band, marching band, flags, choir, swing choir, drama, theatre, etc. Clubs (e.g. boys and girls club, art/drama club, debate, mock trial, GSA, chess club, step club, future film makers, yearbook, FBLA, etc.) Volunteer or service learning activities Pre-collegiate programs (e.g. AVID, Colorado Uplift, Gear-up, etc.) YouthBiz or after school programs Youth Group, Young Life, etc. Cross-country After school or summer program Peer tutoring Volunteering at a hospital examples In December, I will try out for the school basketball team. Between now and December, I will practice with friends at least 2 times per week.

9 Resume Resume Document that highlights your strengths, skills, education, leadership, and work or related experience (e.g. your co-curricular activities) Used as a tool to market or sell yourself when applying for a job, scholarship, college program, or another related opportunity.

10 Go to Sign in using the information below:
Click “Sign In” dps482679 (dps + student ID number) 040900 (6 digit birthday, mmddyy)

11 Resume Builder Click “Career Planning”
Scroll down to the box that says “Get a Job” and click the link Click the “Resume Builder” link Click “Build a new resume”

12 Components of a Resume 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) Personal Information
Career/Cluster goal Skills & Qualifications Work History (Skip) Education (Skip) Certificates (Skip) Activities & awards Interests or hobbies References Your resume’ format

13 1) Personal Information

14 2) Employment Objective
If you have a specific career goal in mind, use the drop down list to search for your career. If you are unsure, click “Continue without selecting a specific career goal” If you click this, another box will appear. Type in your general career goal in the box provided (e.g. Health, Law, Building/Construction, Human Services, Education, Business, Natural Resources, Arts/Communication, etc)

15 3) Skills & Qualifications
Complete my homework on time Organize class materials Take notes for class Work well with others to complete group projects Set short- and long-term goals Ask for help when needed Read and understand a variety of material Use technology to access information Communicate effectively with others examples

16 Work History, Education, and Certificates/Licenses
These 3 sections will be critically important for your future resume. However, at this point, you likely don’t have a significant work history, an educational degree, or any certificates or licenses. You may skip these sections by clicking “My work history is complete,” etc.

17 4)Accomplishments & Activities
Basketball team captain Track/Cross-country, most improved award Youth Group Leadership Team Band and jazz band, 2nd chair National Honor Society Student Council Project Voice Peer Tutoring Yearbook Mock trial and debate team examples

18 5) Your Interests examples Dancing Reading Working out
Listening to music Babysitting Snowboarding Playing basketball examples

19 Skip 6) References example Skip the “Other Information” section
Complete the “References” section. Type in the name of a few teachers or other adult mentors who might be willing to speak to your strengths and/or recommend you for future employment. Skip Mr. Roberts Mrs. Smith Otherwise click to “Add ‘References available upon request’ to the end of your resume” example

20 Final Resume Select a format and then click “See your resume” to view your completed resume!

21 Congratulations You just completed your first resume!

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