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Continents of the World

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1 Continents of the World
4th Grade Geography

2 Countries of Each Continent
Introduction Countries of Each Continent 7 Total Continents Each different in size, shape, and features. Contients North America South America Asia Africa Antarctica Australia Europe Memorize Each Continent

3 History of North America
Size 3rd Largest Continent 502 Million People 23 Countries Features Diverse Climate English, French, Spanish Predominant Languages More Information

4 History of South America
Size 4th Largest Continent 387 Million People 12 Countries Features Tropical Climate Portuguese and Spanish Main Languages More Information

5 Asia History of Asia: Video Size Features More Information
Size Largest Continent 4.14 Billion People 48 Countries Features Diverse Climate Diverse Language and Population More Information

6 History of Africa: Podcast
Size 2nd Largest Continent 1.033 Billion People 54 Countries Features Desert and Tropical Climate Extremely Diverse in Language and Population More Information

7 Antarctica History of Antarctica Size Features More Information
Size 5th Largest Continent 4400 People Total 0 Counties, However There are Territories Features Harsh Climate Both Native and Non-native Language More Information

8 Australia History of Australia Size Features More Information
Size Smallest Continent 22.62 Million People 1 Country Features Tropical and Desert Climate English and Native Languages Predominantly Spoken More Information

9 History of Europe: Video
Size 6th Largest Continent 739 Million People 47 Countries Features Diverse Climate Wide Variety of Languages Spoken More Information

10 Thank You for Your Time!

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