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The National Indoor Football Alssociation (NIFA) is a professional indoor football league. It was designed to deliver fast paced, action-packed football to markets where it can be enjoyed by fans that would not otherwise have a professional indoor football team. It is a league designed for all independent indoor football teams and their affiliates, and is not involved or associated with any other league involving indoor or outdoor football. The primary function of the N.I.F.A. is to assist member teams with all aspects of the game, including equipment purchases, marketing, and media assistance from a staff of highly experienced football operation professionals. The league website will feature as an avenue to introduce teams to the community, players to the teams, and fans to the game. The N.I.F.A. will provide its players the opportunity to realize a dream and play professional football. There is also a strong commitment to the advancement of players to more prominent leagues such as the Arena Football League (AFL), Canadian Football League (CFL), All-American Football League (AAFL), and the National Football League (NFL). As a fan-friendly organization, the N.I.F.A. is committed to making the fan experience second to none and providing families the opportunity to enjoy professional football without professional prices. Ticket prices will reflect a commitment to an affordable and exciting football product. With an emphasis on quality and a devotion to family entertainment, the N.I.F.A. functions as a supporting organization for the independent indoor football clubs across the region.

3 Why Sports Marketing? Sponsors have three hours to deliver messages to a captive audience. Your advertising message really stands out when gross impressions are delivered in a non-traditional medium over four months Great employee perks Happy employees are productive employees! Strong community support Show your community that you care about family entertainment. Enticing when recruiting top talent from outside of our market What do you brag about when attracting top prospective managers and employees to our market? Professional sports franchises add to the credibility of a strong market and open opportunities for spin businesses. Vendors can make customers out of fans directly and immediately! Unlike “Mass” or “Niche” marketing as in broadcast media; unlike non-intrusive forms of media such as print, outdoor, or yellow pages, sporting venues offer strong direct marketing opportunities including sampling, bounce back coupon distribution, and immediate feedback from consumers.

4 Why Indoor Football? No humidity No Mosquitoes No rained out games
No love bugs No need for rain ponchos Faster game Catch all sorts of throws Great family fun Perfect employee perks Not a bad seat in the house Be a part of the action up close and personal

5 Who are Indoor Football Fans?
Age demographic is the “Baby Boomer”. 71% fall into the demo with the highest psychographics for spending discretionary income. If you’re looking for prospective customers, look no further than indoor football.

6 Everyone Loves Indoor Football!
Sample from 2011 Fan Survey

7 Ethnic Skew

8 Let Us Tackle Your Marketing Needs
Non-Profit tie-ins Co-op plans Vendor programs Public service announcements Bounce-back couponing Advertising Gross Impressions Direct Marketing Entrance/Exit/ Program stuffers Sampling Promotions Imaging

9 Bronze Pkg ($5,000.00) 1"X 3" Banner for whole year on the league page and each team page. 3- Announcements during each game 2ft X 4ft banner for all home games ¼ page Ad in all team programs Packet covers advertising with each team.

10 Silver Package ($8,000.00) 1" X 3" Banner advertised for year (web)
4- PA Announcements in game 2 - 2ft X 4ft banner at each games Set up table or booth to promote business at one home game per market. ¼ page Ad in all team programs Packet covers advertising with each team.

11 Gold Package ($12,500.00) 1”X3” ad on website for the whole year
6 Announcements in game and announcement as a sponsor of the league on local radio and TV ads 4 - 4ftX6ft Banners at each game Set up a booth at 2 games in each market ½ page Ad in all team programs Packet covers advertising with each team.

12 Platinum Package ($17,000.00) 1”X3” ad on website for the whole year
6 Announcements in game and announcement as a sponsor of the league on local radio and TV ads 4 - 4ftX6ft Banners at each game Set up booth at all games Bounce back ticket ads for 2 games in each market Season 2012 pocket schedule ad in each market Football or Jersey sponsorship (Based on availability) Full page Ad in all team programs

Football Sponsorship “YOUR COMPANY NAME CATCH IT & KEEP IT” Announcements throughout the game will read: YOUR COMPANY NAME would like to remind you to pay attention, balls do leave the field of play and could hurt you or a loved one if hit. If the ball does leave the field of play and YOU CATCH IT, YOU KEEP IT! YOUR COMPANY NAME and the TEAM NAME ask you to be safe!!! Your logo on every ball at every game. Direct marketing: When a fan catches a ball that leaves the field of play, an announcement will play your slogan “Another game souvenir sponsored by YOUR COMPANY NAME Catch It & Keep It!” and your logo on the Big Screen 250 balls $

14 Bounce Back Ticket Ads TICKET BACKS Tickets purchased at the box office will feature your coupon or ad on the back, geared towards driving that fan to your door to take advantage of discounts or specials exclusive to game attendees. $

15 Jersey Sponsorship Your company logo with be added to each jersey across the league. As well, you will be announced at all games as a major league sponsor. $

16 Thank you for your sponsorship!
All artwork must be submitted by February 28, 2012 Please to Or call and a representative will be scheduled to come by and pick the artwork up. Thank you for your sponsorship! ENJOY THE SEASON!!


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