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Effects of Teen Pregnancy

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1 Effects of Teen Pregnancy

2 Teenage Pregnancy Read the poem, Teenage Mom. On the back of the
sheet. List the assumptions of the friends about what life as a teen mom is like. Describe the reality of the situation according to this teen mom.

3 Reasons why teens want to get pregnant...
Sexual Feelings – puberty results in tremendous fluctuations in emotions and endorphins Reluctance to talk about serious issues – sometimes uncomfortable talking with parents, adults about feelings their having, might feel embarrassed; often listen to myths or half-truths about sex, therefore acting on misinformation. Desire for love & affection: see how much attention they can get; baby showers, etc.

4 External Influences... Societal pressure: hyper-sexualized, media saturated society that promotes sexuality. Pressure from Peers: “stud” image, friends who are teen mothers might influence – eg. “Parenting Pact” Pressure from Partners:”everyone is doing it”.

5 Effects on teen parents...
Medical problems: Higher risk, not physically mature themselves Require more prenatal care Toxemia Iron deficiency (anemia) Urinary Tract Infections Prolonged labor

6 Effects of teen pregnancy...
Financial Responsibility: - Legally responsible for a child up to age of 18 - Usually have limited finances available = quick to fall below poverty line; require government assistance - Father is legally responsible, child support - Once teen finds a job, face task of finding & paying for daycare.

7 Effects on teen parents...
Education & Job Concerns: Seriously hinders post secondary education Part time job required, daycare considerations Little hope to improve situation & get well paying job Emotional Problems: Takes an emotional toll Feel isolated, stress, loneliness, anxious

8 Effects on the children...
More likely to die before 1st birthday Be premature Low birth weight (50% higher chance for teens than 20yr olds) – linked to epilepsy, birth defects, blindness, and learning deficiencies Tend to become sexually active at young age themselves Greater risk of poor nutrition = academic problems, behavioural problems, social adjustments, etc.

9 Consider the following questions...
Choose one of the following four questions & write a one-page reflection: 1. What special challenges do single teen parents face? 2. How do the responsibilities of raising a child limit the opportunities for teen parents? 3. What rights & responsibilities do you believe a teenager has when his sexual partner becomes pregnant? How, if at all, does the role of the father-to-be differ from the mothers? If you believe there are differences, what accounts for these? 4. How would you respond if your 16 year old sister told you, in confidence that she was pregnant? What advice would you give her? What practical kinds of help would you offer? How would your response change if your sister were 13 years old?

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