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Our Vision and Mission “Encouraging young minds to be big thinkers.” At Abacus we provide a safe and nurturing setting where everyone is encouraged to.

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2 Our Vision and Mission “Encouraging young minds to be big thinkers.” At Abacus we provide a safe and nurturing setting where everyone is encouraged to be unique, respectful and reach their full potential. Our exciting play based curriculum provides children with the opportunity to take risks, inquire and be creative. We provide an individualised programme that develops attitudes and skills. We encourage children to be independent and work together to become lifelong learners. We teach children about their responsibilities to the community and the importance of caring for their environment, its inhabitants and resources.

3 Staffing Principal – Frances Hurley PYP Coordinator – Flora Winter 6 Class Teachers – 1 st Language English Speakers or Chinese Speakers – All hold Teaching qualification 2 Part Time Chinese Teachers 6 Educational Assistants – Many of which hold a local teaching qualification 2 Office Staff – 3 Cleaning Staff and Mr Wu our Gardener

4 Life for your child at Abacus Session times are 8.30-11.30am and 12.30-3.30pm Indoor class time, snack time and outdoor play. Teacher /EA directed learning, structured play and child chosen play activities.

5 Life for your child at Abacus Play based using inquiry and designed to develop a range of concepts and skills. We have a no homework and no Worksheet philosophy, however we do send home reading books and ideas for play activities you can do with your child each week. Class names – chosen by the children.

6 IBO Primary Years Programme Continuity to ESF Primary and other International Schools Support from CWBS and we have ESF Kindergarten Advisor Teachers and EAs have all received training Authorised in May 2013

7 Personal and Social Physical Development Languages Chinese Science and Technology Social Studies Mathematics Arts

8 Bilingual Program Began August 2013 1 x Chinese Teacher and 1 x English Teacher + 1 Educational Assistant in K1 – Extra Cost $1000 Both teachers responsible for carpet sessions and focus activities – delivering them in their own language Takes 5-7 years to become fluent – this is an introduction to lay the foundations Parental Support and Homework

9 Outside at Abacus Outside time is planned to maximise learning time. Microgardens - Plants and animal life. Develop Physical and Problem Solving and Communication Skills.

10 Nature and Natural Materials

11 K1 overview Who We AreHow We Express Ourselves How We Organise Ourselves How the World Works Playing and Learning The ArtsFoodTransport By asking questions and testing ideas people come to new understandings about the world. Through the arts people can use a range of mediums to express their ideas. Food comes from many places and goes through many changes. Humans develop transport to meet their needs.  the ways in which we can come to new understandings by reflecting on our wonderings  the ways in which people take responsibility for choices in their learning  the cultures people belong to ● The ways in which people express themselves ● How different mediums are used in the arts ● How people respond to the arts  Where food comes from  The ways in which humans can use science to manage food waste  How common substances interact when they are mixed  The Simple scientific principles of how vehicles work  Why humans use transport  The ways in which vehicles have changed to meet our needs

12 Events Trips – Fair – Sports Day – Arts Day – Christmas Carols – Chinese New Year Celebration

13 Differentiation and Inclusion Catering for the needs of all children. Programmes are differentiated for different skill levels. We include children with special needs. Providing children with diverse needs with the support they need is part of our inclusion philosophy. Voluntary – Paid for by parents Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language, Hearing and Vision Health Screenings

14 Teachers Track Children’s Progress in order to: Plan and teach activities for individual needs of children Report to parents and arrange support where necessary Review their teaching and whole class needs Ongoing informal assessment – Portfolios and Gateway Assessments Regular reporting to parents: Term 1 K1– Parents Evening and Report Mid K1 – Parents Evening End K1 – Report and Voluntary Parent Meeting Assessment, Portfolios and Reporting

15 Partnership with Parents Weekly information about the curriculum goes home. Newsletters Parent volunteers welcome either regularly or for special occasions. Communication encouraged via email, or phone to discuss concerns. Diaries. Abacus Parents Group Class Reps

16 Most of our children go on to Clearwater Bay School, Renaissance College or other ESF Schools More also attending - HK Academy, Kellett in recent years. All children must go through an interview to gain entrance to ESF Primary. The interview is based on English Language ability. No priority for interview this year. Year 1 Primary

17 Play Visit Parent and Child spend time in a class playing. For you to see the activities we offer and meet the teachers. To screen for SEN to ensure correct provision in place and we can meet the needs of every child. To ensure appropriate language development in first language as declared on application form. No assessment of reading / writing / number skills

18 Play Date – Follow Up One of Several Outcomes Offered a Place. Offered a place pending a speech and language assessment. Asked to Return for a follow up meeting to assess needs of your child in more detail. Remain on the waiting list until a place is available.

19 QUESTIONS Time to ask questions. Thank you for choosing ESF international kindergarten.

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