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The Marketing Survey How to construct a survey

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1 The Marketing Survey How to construct a survey
What You'll Learn How to construct a survey The ways that technology is used in marketing research

2 The Marketing Survey Why It's Important Businesses need valid and reliable data to make good decisions. Marketing researchers need to know how to construct survey instruments that provide the necessary information to assist in the decision-making process.

3 The Marketing Survey validity reliability open-ended questions
Key Terms validity reliability open-ended questions forced-choice questions quantitative qualitative

4 The Marketing Survey Constructing the Questionnaire
Questionnaires should provide data that have validity. Validity exists when the questions asked measure what was intended to be measured. Research questionnaires should also have reliability. Reliability exists when a research technique produces nearly identical results in repeated trials. To be valid and reliable, a questionnaire must be properly written, formatted, and administered.

5 The Marketing Survey Design is important for useful data
Constructing the Questionnaire Design is important for useful data How will you analyze the data? Qualitative? Quantitative? This will affect the types of question you use Open - respondents can give their opinions, feelings etc. in their own words. Structured - range of responses is restricted; it forces the respondent to make a choice (making it easier to tabulate results)

6 The Marketing Survey Writing Questions
Survey questions can be either open ended or (structured) forced choice. Open-ended questions ask respondents to construct their own response to a question. Example: "How can we serve you better?" Forced-choice questions (structured) ask respondents to choose answers from set possibilities. Forced-choice questions are the simplest to write and easiest to tabulate.

7 List Category Quantity Ranking Grid Scale The Marketing Survey
Types of structured question List Category Quantity Ranking Grid Scale

8 SECTION 33.2 The Marketing Survey Types of structured question List Which of the following did you eat at your last meal? Check all that apply: Cooked vegetables Salad Boiled or mashed potatoes Roast potatoes Chips Fresh fruit

9 The Marketing Survey Category Please indicate your age?
Types of structured question Category Please indicate your age? Less than 18 25 34 45- above Note: Questions of age are considered by some as embarrassing and best asked as a category rather than the direct question “What is your age?”

10 The Marketing Survey Quantity & Ranking
Quantity: How many times did you eat chips last week? Please circle one. Not at All Once Twice 3-4 times Ranking: Place the following in the order of importance, number 1 being the most important ____ A well stocked library ____ Well equipped laboratories ____ Up to date computing facilities

11 Neither agree nor disagree
The Marketing Survey Strongly agree Agree Neither agree nor disagree Disagree Strongly disagree The laboratory classes in this module were well organized There were sufficient tutorials/seminars in this module The lectures in this module were clearly presented Scale/Grid:

12 The Marketing Survey Yes/No Questions
Two-choice questions give the respondent only two options, usually yes or no. Yes/No questions should be used only when asking for a response on one issue. Yes/No questions are often used as filter questions. Filter questions help to guide respondents to answer only those questions that apply. Do you frequently attend sporting events? Yes No If yes, please answer questions a - e below.

13 The Marketing Survey Multiple Choice Questions
Multiple choice questions give the respondent several choices. When constructing multiple choice questions, it is important that the options are made comprehensive enough to include every possible response. Examples might include list, category or quantity questions. Level of Agreement Questions When assessing attitudes or opinions, it is often a good idea to write statements that reflect those attitudes or opinions. Then you can ask respondents for their level of agreement with the statements. Examples might include ranking or scale/grid questions.

14 The Marketing Survey Basic Guidelines for Writing Questions When writing the specific questions you should follow some basic guidelines: Formulate a hypothesis. How does this question contribute to the objective of the research? Consider how you will analyze the data Qualitative or quantitative? Each question should be written clearly and as briefly as possible. Use the same ranking or rating scales for all similar questions. Do not ask leading questions, which suggest a correct answer. Avoid asking offensive or embarrassing questions.

15 The Marketing Survey Formatting
Questionnaires must have excellent visual appearance and design. Use dark ink (usually black) on light paper and type that is easy to read. Use shaded sections for contrast and arrows to lead the reader through the questionnaire. Slide 1 of 2

16 The Marketing Survey Formatting
Place section headings or numbers on survey sections, and number all questions. Include clear directions. Include demographic questions at the end of the survey. People will be less likely to answer them at the beginning. Slide 2 of 2

17 The Marketing Survey Administering the Survey
Surveys can be distributed in person, left at location with a collection box, via Internet or mail. All surveys should have deadlines for completion. Surveys should include a brief explanation of the survey’s purpose, either presented before the survey or in a cover letter (with a mailed questionnaire). Mention that your survey is for educational purposes and is conducted by Tri Valley ROP Business Ownership Students from Foothill High School.

18 The Marketing Survey The Impact of the Computer Technologies on Marketing Research Computer technologies have had a tremendous impact on marketing research. Software programs allow researchers to analyze huge amounts of information. They also allow researchers to find secondary data in computer databases, prepare surveys, and generate lists of potential questionnaire respondents. Slide 1 of 2

19 The Marketing Survey The Impact of the Computer Technologies on Marketing Research Computerized databases are a source of data collection. Software programs assist with forecasting, analyzing market data to predict future sales. Research can be conducted through online surveys and focus group chat sessions on the Internet. Automated dialers place calls automatically, and digital surveys can be conducted by a prerecorded voice. Slide 2 of 2

20 Reviewing Key Terms and Concepts
ASSESSMENT Reviewing Key Terms and Concepts 1. Why should surveys provide data that have validity? 2. What are three steps that must be taken to construct a valid and reliable questionnaire? 3. Give an example of: a) an open ended question? b) a filter question? c) multiple choice question? d) level of agreement question? 4. What are some methods of administering a questionnaire? 5. Name three research activities that computers can help researchers perform.

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