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Wise Shopping Practices

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1 Wise Shopping Practices

2 Eliminate Impulse Buying
Impulse Buying is: When a consumer purchases an item without fully considering their spending plan’s priorities. I want it, therefore I am buying it!!!!!!!!

3 Always Pay Cash Don’t buy on credit
More likely you will stick to your spending plan. Won’t buy on impulse and spend too much money.

4 Buy at the Right Time Certain items are on sale at different times of year.

5 Name Brands Some think it indicates quality. Compare Ingredients
Many have the same ingredients as store brands.

6 High price of convenience
Go to large stores to purchase common items.

7 Purchasing Clothing Consider: Fiber content Care Quality of Stitching
Embellishments Color Overall fit Price

8 Fiber Content Is the fabric durable? Is it comfortable to wear?
After the first wash will it still look new? Will the dye hold its’ color? How long will the fabric last?

9 Care How does the material need to be cared for? Can it be washed?
How much care does it need? Dry clean only costs extra money

10 Quality of stitching Is any missing? Is the stitching straight?
Is it durable? No holes?

11 Embellishments Any special stitching using colored thread, painting, beads, etc. Are they attached well?

12 Color Is it a traditional color or a trendy color?
Will it match other items you own? Does it look good on you?

13 Be aware of Prices Know list prices of common items. Watch for:
Manufacturer’s list price Suggested retail price Comparable value Value $40, you pay only $35

14 Shop at Several Stores Comparative Shopping
Check quality, price, and guarantees for the same products at different stores.

15 Understand Sale Terminology
Sale means goods are for sale but not necessarily at reduced prices. Clearance may mean the store wants to clear everything out at the advertised price but not at a reduced price. Liquidation – merchant wants to sell immediately. Prices may not be reduced.

16 Avoid impulse buying Take a list and buy only what is on the list
Be careful of displays that demand your attention. Be careful on the Internet when it is easy to buy.

17 Plan Your Purchases Research Read reviews
Don’t purchase during periods of stress Ask questions about warranties and uses Check rabates

18 Compare unit prices The cost for one unit of an item sold in packages of more than one unit. To compare the price of a 24 oz. box and a 15oz. Box, divide the total price of each box by the number of ounces in it.

19 Which is better? 24 ounces for $2.59 or 15 ounces for $1.89?
$2.59/24 ounces= 10.8 cents per ounce $1.89/15 ounces = 12.6 cents per ounce The 24-ounce is the better buy

20 Which is better? 3 for $.89 or 6 for $1.99?
$.89/3=29.7 cents each $1.99/6 = 33.2 cents each 3 for $.89 is the better buy

21 Read Labels Know ingredients and what they mean
100% cotton wrinkles easily Dry clean only can be expensive

22 Check containers carefully
Be sure packages have not been opened or damaged.

23 Contracts Read the fine print
Ask questions about things you don’t understand Can have it explained in your first language Have three days to change your mind

24 Keep receipts and warranties
Attach sales receipt to warranty Keep in a place you will remember

25 Compute Total Cost Check the total cost of an item
Supplementary items (batteries) Delivery charges Finance charges Other add-on costs

26 Be loyal Patronize places that have good reputations and have served you well in the past. Recommend to others Ask others for recommendations

27 Check up on businesses Look for valid certifications, licenses, bonding, endorsements. Use Better Business Bureau Get Gephart?

28 Wait a day for major purchases
Have a cooling off period Wait 24 hours

29 Seeking Redress-Remedy A Problem
Take the product back to the store where you bought it. Explain specifics and give evidence Retain warranties Be firm but not angry Indicate the type of adjustment you want If not satisfied then write a letter to the manufacturer or distributor. If not satisfied then file a complaint with the proper government agency Seek legal recourse as a last resort.

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