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Smart Spending. For large ticket items Sales cycles- The best deals, month by month  January  Treadmills and ellipticals  TVs  Winter clothing 

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1 Smart Spending

2 For large ticket items

3 Sales cycles- The best deals, month by month  January  Treadmills and ellipticals  TVs  Winter clothing  February  Humidifiers  Indoor furniture

4 013/08/best-time-to-buy- things/index.htm  March  Digital cameras  Small consumer electronics (MP3 players, DVD and Blu-ray players, etc.)  TVs  Winter sports gear

5 Before You Buy KNOW WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD TO SPEND Stick to a spending plan to keep your finances in check. Ask yourself if this purchase fits into your budget. RESEARCH PRODUCTS BEFORE YOU BUY  Especially big ticket items. Compare prices, service and warranties.warranties

6 Before You Buy  READ THE FINE PRINT BEFORE YOU BUY  Ask questions about anything that is unclear to you and don’t sign anything you don’t fully understand. You are responsible to hold up your end of the contract once it is signed, even if you didn't take the time to read and understand it before you signed.  GET IT IN WRITING  Get any verbal promises made by a dealer in writing. It is easier to prove what was said in case there is a dispute.

7 Before You Buy continued  ASK FOR REFERENCES  Check them before you hire a contractor. It's also a good idea to check with the Better Business Bureau to see if there have been any complaints filed against the business.Better Business Bureau WALK AWAY  Hang up, and report an offer that sounds too good to be an offer NEGOTIATE THE PRICE OF AN ITEM WITH THE SELLER.  You may have better luck if you are polite and reasonable.

8 Before You Buy continued  CHECK THE RETURN POLICY.  Unless stated in their policy, a seller does not have to give a refund or exchange a product if you change your mind about the purchase. Learn more about the 30-Day Myth.30-Day Myth

9 Credit  USE CREDIT WISELY.  If you don’t have the cash saved for a purchase, consider if you truly need it before paying with credit.  Give yourself a cooling off period. Go home and consider the purchase.  If you do choose to pay with credit, make sure you can afford the payments.  Interest can quickly drive the price up if you don’t pay off your balance and all of a sudden that great sale can end up costing you a lot more in the long run.

10 After you Buy KEEP RECEIPTS  Keep warranties and service contracts. You may need these to make a claim.warranties TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR DEBTS  If you can’t pay your bills, talk to your creditors or ask a budget counsellor for help. Visit Credit and Collections for more information on your rights when dealing with creditors and collection agencies.Credit and Collections GIVE THE SELLER A CHANCE TO CORRECT ANY PROBLEMS FIRST  If they can’t or won’t help, contact us 

11 Comparative shopping assignment

12 The Basics

13 How do you save? The Basics

14  Make a list of what you really need.  Read the sale flyers  Best deals advertised on the front and back pages of the stores flyer.

15 Shop According to Sales Cycles  At the beginning of the month, many stores put their name brand popular items on sale because they know that many people get paid on the first of the month or start a new budget.  At the end of the month, look for store brand or off brand items to go on sale. People tend to have less cash then, so more generic items can be more attractive to them.

16 sale prices  generally rotate and come back around every four to six weeks

17 Plan a menu  Plan your menu based on what is on sale If Walmart has chicken breasts on sale one week, eat chicken at least once that week.

18 Stock up on Sale Items  When you see items that you use go on sale for very good prices, stock up!  Give yourself $5-$10 per week (or more if you are able) and use that cash only for stocking up on great deals.

19 Get Rain Checks  WHAT IS A RAIN CHECK? A rain check is a slip of paper that describes the name and size of the item that is on sale, as well as the current sale price and the date. You can use this slip of paper the next time you are shopping to get that item for the sale price, even if the sale is over.

20 Stop Buying Convenience Items  Grated cheese, minced garlic and pre- cut fruits and veggies are all things you should avoid if you want to save money at the grocery store.  Ex.  Bricks of cheese often go on sale for around $5 (per 500g), whereas the bags of shredded cheese sell for around $8 (per 500g or so). For a little bit of work, you can get the same amount of cheese for $3 less.

21 Try the Store Brand  Those big companies have to pay for advertising and branding, and that's why those items cost more than the store brand.  They are not more expensive because they are of better quality, but because manufacturers have such a hefty advertising bill to pay.

22 Shop Around the Store  Produce, meats, dairy and bread are all located around the store.  The center aisles are filled with things like chips, pop, cereal, crackers, cookies, etc.—things that are often not necessary.  Shop around the store for the freshest foods available.

23 Look High & Low  Stores will always place expensive items at eye level because those are the items they want to sell the most of  customers are more likely to buy them if they are at eye level because they are the first products that they see.

24  End caps are the display shelves that are at the end and beginning of each aisle in your grocery store.  The cheapest items are often on the end caps, away from the flow of traffic

25 Shop with Cash  It is so much easier to go over your monthly grocery budget if you are using  a credit card.

26 COUPONS  using them on items that your family always purchases is a good way to shave 20-30% off your grocery bill every week.

27 Food Fiction  od-fiction-company-responses od-fiction-company-responses

28 Lousy labels  es/tagged/tag/lousy+labels es/tagged/tag/lousy+labels

29 Assignment  Smart and healthy shopping

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