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SRM Community Wiki – User Guide Sign-up Edit a page Insert photo & video and other files Create pages & page menu titles Forum & commenting.

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1 SRM Community Wiki – User Guide Sign-up Edit a page Insert photo & video and other files Create pages & page menu titles Forum & commenting

2 1.Go to http://srm.wikidot.com 2.Create a new account by clicking on ‘How to join this site’. 3.Click on ‘Create new account’ (link at bottom of page). 4.Follow the instructions. 5.Check your e-mail account for the verification code. Check your Junk folder. 6.Once you have verified your account, you need to the join the SRM community to be able to edit pages and add to the forum. 7.To do this, click again on ‘How to join this site?’. You will see the screen below. Just type in the password srmcommunity (no space). Sign-up Now you are a member and can edit & create new pages! Have fun and invite your SRM friends and colleagues to the site! Laugh out loud, if you feel like it!

3 1.Before you start, watch the Wikis in Plain English video posted on our wiki welcome page. 2.At the bottom of each wiki page, you will find the edit button. Click on it to start editing! 3.Once you click on edit, you will get the screen below. 4.You can edit the text (add & delete) and the text styles (bold, bullets, headers) through the dynamic editing box. The editing box contains an editor which is similar to the word editor (i.e. buttons for adding bullets or text in italic). 5. Just type in the text box and modify your text through the editor. 6.Click on preview to see how the page will look and if you like it – save it! Edit a page Quick tips: Two plus signs ++ before a text line will give you a blue header. To transform a word in to a link, highlight the word with your mouse, click on the URL link button (in the editor) and type in the link. When editing a page – be careful not to delete the commenting module text code [[module Comments]] which is located at the end of the page’s text. Just post text above it!

4 There is an easy way to insert photos and videos in to a page: embedding the files from Flickr (photos) and YouTube (videos). This reduces the use of the limited wiki storage space. The Wikidot team has developed two powerful modules that integrate Flickr and YouTube content. For the photos you can also use other URL sources (see next slide) or upload them in the Wikidot file system (not recommendable because of limited storage space). Insert Photo & Video and other Files Photos: 1. Upload the desired photo(s) in to Flickr. If you don’t have your own account, you can login using the SRM Community account. Go to and use the username: sustainableresourcemanagement and password: srmcommunity. a)Open the page in which you wish to insert the photo(s). b)Click edit and then click somewhere in the text box where you want your photo to appear. Next step – click on the insert image wizard button of the editor. c)The image wizard screen will then appear – see next slide...

5 Insert Photo & Video and other Files You can also add an image from another URL source (i.e. another picture gallery or from Google images). To add in a Flickr URL, first click on the selected image in Flickr (to get it’s unique URL), copy the URL from our browser and then paste it in the field here. Finally, choose the position of your image and then click insert code. Experiment with the different image positions. Click preview after the different options and the select the one you like most! Check-out the example in the next slide.

6 Insert Photo & Video and other Files Example: Objective: place image at the right side end, but at the same alignment with the text (wrap text to the left, throughout the height of the image to the right). 1.Edit page – click in the text box below the header. 2.Click on image wizard, copy-paste the image Flickr link in the field. 3.Select the following position: right with text wrapping (float). 4.Click on insert code (the code will be inserted where you clicked in the text box –step 1) and then preview!

7 Insert Photo & Video and other Files Embed YouTube video example of welcome page: 1.Edit page – click in the text box where you want your embedded video to appear. 2.Click on the Embed Video button (next to the image wizard button). 3.Choose your video from YouTube and copy the Embed code of it (located to the right for every video in YouTube). 4.Paste the code in the wiki page text box, between the start bracket [[embedvideo]] and the end bracket [[/embedvideo]] − If you want to post a video you’ve made, upload it first on Youtube and then embed the code. − If you don’t have a Youtube account, you can use the SRM one. Username: SRMmsc and password: srmcommunity You can also embed videos from Google Video, Revver and Daily Motion. Have fun making the wiki more audiovisual.

8 Insert Photo & Video and other Files Insert other files (i.e. PPTs, PDFs etc.) 1.Open (do not click edit) the page under which you would like to post a file. 2.Click on the files button, which is located where the edit button is. 3.Click on the upload new file link and follow the standard uploading instructions. 4.Once the file is posted, every time someone clicks on the file button under the page, the file will appear like this – 5.You can move files from one page to another by clicking on the move button. 6.To insert a link to a file within a wiki page text, click on the file button, then click on the info link next to the file. The file URL will appear and you can copy it and add it in the text like any other link. You can insert a link to the file in the content of the page (i.e. among the text). You can also post photos through the file system, but this eats up additional storage space.

9 Create Pages & Page Menu Titles 1.Most content wiki pages are placed under the drop-down menus of the various categories in the top menu bar. 2.Before creating a new page, decide under which category you want to put it and insert the title of the page as a link in the drop-down menu. 3.In order to edit the drop-down menu, type in the link and the page of the top bar menu will open. You can edit this page like any other wikidot page. Notice that the links of the drop-down menu are structured like a site tree, currently with one level of depth. 4.Click on edit and add the page title under a category. I.e. to add a new page called Volunteers under the category People, choose on the position (say under Professors) and then add a new inner bullet there. Write the page title Volunteers between brackets as follows – [[[Volunteers]]]. 5.Click save. To insert content in to the newly created page, click on the page link that you created in the top bar menu and then click on create page. Now you can start typing text and adding photos/ videos through the standard procedures. Note: it is not very user-friendly to have endless (very long) drop-down links so lets keep our menus as short as possible!

10 Forum & Commenting 1.The forum is actually your discussion board, where you can post a topic or a question, reply/ comment on other users’ questions or topics and develop ideas. 2.The forum consist of discussion rooms (e.g. Getting it going) and threads (e.g. Hedgehog concept) – which are the categories in a discussion room. 3.If you want to make a new post under a thread, enter the thread and just click the new post button (located at the bottom left of the thread). The usual wikidot editing box will open. 4.If you want to comment on/reply to a post made by someone, just click on the reply link which is located at the bottom right of each post. 5.If you want to make a new thread (in a discussion room), enter the discussion room and just click the create a new thread button (located at the top right of the discussion room). You can embed photos & videos in your forum threads/posts/replies just like you can do it in the content pages.

11 Forum & Commenting 1.If you want to comment on a wiki page content, you can do it through the comment field below every page’s content. 2.If you post a comment – this will automatically generate a relevant forum post (the system automatically groups all the comments in the forum). 3.You can also view all the relevant page comments from the page itself. 4.You can also have the same commenting functions by pressing the discuss button below every page (located next to the edit button). When editing a page – be careful not to delete the commenting module [[module Comments]] which is located at the end of the page’s text. Just post text above it!

12 THE END Have fun co-building our community!

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