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Nepal Status and Vision for ECCE/ECED?

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1 Nepal Status and Vision for ECCE/ECED?

2 Achievements Policy and National Guidelines:
Draft Education Act with progressive arrangement related to ECD/pre-primary (defined under basic education) is endorsed by cabinet yet to be promulgated by Parliament Early Learning Development Standard for age four is endorsed National guideline on ECD is in place National curriculum for ECD centers is in place Parental Education Package is endorsed by the Department of Education 3. Access increased: 70% of children (GER) in ECD center compare to 53% in 2008. 4. Equity Strategy: MTR (2011) of School Sector Reform Plan (SSRP ) recommended for national equity strategy 5. EMIS: Education management system has integrated ECED data on Access

3 Access to ECED centes and school readiness
In Nepal 33,089 ECED centers GER: 70% Equal participation of boys and girls 1.1 million children Community/school based 28,773 Institutional School/private 4,316 Student with ECED experiance In grade one: 52% Source: Department of Education, Flash report 2010/11

4 Investment in ECED US $2.6 million for 5 year (SSRP budget) 3% to ECED, 70% to Basic and Primary Community Investment for ECD centers is significant. Private and Public collaboration for ECD facilitators training. Per Child Funding concept for quality introduced by DOE

5 Key Challenges: Inequity is most pronounced for utilization, continuity and effective coverage. Inequity in terms of rural/urban differences is most pronounced for access The Mid and Far-Western Regions and some Terai (low land) districts are more deprived than the rest of the country. Parents Awareness Lack of Institutional arrangement for capacity building of the ECD facilitators. Lack of systematic effort for convergence strategy and sectoral investment on ECD. ECD information management system is limited to School Sector Reform Plan

6 Future plan ECCD/ECCE Support for capacity building (on holistic issues) of stakeholders at all level (in the targeted districts) for implementation and monitoring. Appropriate communication strategy to support implementation and sustainability. Evidenced based advocacy for scaling up the tested intervention. Advocacy to support the equity strategy – Explore the opportunity to leverage resources for marginalized communities – next Education Sector Plan ECD 1000 days campaign- National Planning Commission UNICEF and partners Study on impact of ECD for school readiness

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