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An Introduction to the WATER CYCLE

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1 An Introduction to the WATER CYCLE
Mrs. Hanson 4th Grade Science Click Here!

2 The 3 Phases of the Water Cycle:
Precipitation Evaporation Condensation

3 Precipitation Precipitation is when water comes to the Earth from the clouds. Precipitation can come in several different forms: Rain Snow Sleet Hail

4 Evaporation Evaporation takes place when the sun’s heat warms up surface water (puddles, streams, rivers, lakes) enough to turn it from liquid form into gas. Once the water has turned into gas, or water vapor, then it rises up into the air.

5 Condensation Condensation takes place after water has evaporated into the atmosphere. Here, the water vapor cools back down and returns to its liquid form. As the water condenses, clouds are formed in the sky. When the clouds get full of water, the cycle continues to the Precipitation phase once again.

6 A Song to Help You Remember…

7 Water Cycle Vocabulary
Atmosphere Cloud Condensation Ground water Evaporation Precipitation Run-off Surface water Water cycle Water vapor All terms, definitions, and pictures can be found at:

8 Fun Facts About WATER… Dinosaurs swam in and drank the same water we do today! 75% of the Earth is covered with water! Only 3% of the Earth’s water is drinkable! For more interesting facts, go to: NJAWWA Fun Water Facts

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