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3.04 Understand destination marketing strategies

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1 3.04 Understand destination marketing strategies

2 Essential Questions of 3.04
How do marketing and selling impact the success of the hospitality and tourism industry? What techniques positively impact the selling of hospitality and tourism destinations?

3 Marketing Mix - Hospitality and Tourism

4 Hospitality Services - (pp. 289-290, 356, 384-388, 393-395)
Notebook Vocabulary Define from textbook , provide the term and summarize, in your own words, the definition for the term advertising amenities brand loyalty Branding demographics destination mix geographics Interactive marketing niche marketing personal selling positioning amenities product service mix Psychographics destination mix publicity sales promotion service marketing standing room only target market unique selling proposition Hospitality Services - (pp , 356, , )

5 Market Segmentation in Hospitality and Tourism
Market segmentation recognizes that people differ in their tastes, needs, attitudes, lifestyles, family size and composition, etc It is a deliberate policy of maximizing market demand by directing marketing efforts at significant sub-groups of customers or consumers. Demographic Psychographic Geographic

6 42 year-old woman Demographic

7 Marathon runner Psychographic

8 Grandparents with 10 grandchildren

9 North Carolina Mountains

10 Newly married couple Demographic

11 Prefers adventurous vacations

12 Earns $100,000+ a year Demographic

13 Received a Masters Degree from UNC

14 Cayman Islands Geographic

15 Enjoys day trips Psychographic

16 Cold climate Geographic

17 Questions What type of market segmentation is a tour company using when it focuses on developing Alaskan tours and cruises? A tour wholesaler is developing a guided bus tour for 55- to 70-year-old couples with an income between $60,000 - $100,000. How is the tour wholesaler segmenting the target market?

18 Types of Advertising Media
Radio Selective audiences at low cost Social Media Twitter, Facebook, etc. Texting Television Print Advertising Promotional Brochures Direct Mail Magazine Newspaper Internet Banner Pay per click Interactive

19 Advertising Media Throwing all of your media dollars into one medium is highly dangerous. It is recommended to start with a budget for the calendar year and try and stretch those dollars out as long as you can.  Include tracking results as best you can. The more you know about what works best the better you can adjust your media mix. The goal of promotion is to create product demand.

20 Online Marketing Blogger/Tumbler Email Facebook Instagram LinkedIn
Twitter Google

21 Rubric is on Classroom Central Online Marketing Case Study
Creative Ads Select a local tourist destination and compose three types of advertising media for it 2. 1. Rubric is on Classroom Central Online Marketing Case Study

22 Product Bundling

23 Product Bundling/Packages in Hospitality in Tourism
All-Inclusive Escorted Tours  Transportation Accommodation and Meal Event Packages with Programming for Special Interests Local Attraction or Entertainment Dynamic Incentive or Tours Convention/Meeting Affinity Group or Tours Family Vacation Weekend, Mini-Vacation, Holiday

24 Holiday Bundling

25 Unique selling proposition (USP).
Simulates interest in the tour product What is the foundation of a unique selling proposition for a hospitality and tourism business? Differentiation Standardization Customization Saturation

26 You are a Travel Agent End users Marketers Producers Wholesalers
Who are you selling your product to: End users Marketers Producers Wholesalers

27 You are a Travel Agent: Obtaining testimonials
What is an important aspect of selling that you as a travel agent will perform? Obtaining testimonials Explaining product benefits Encouraging word-of-mouth promotion Focusing on competitors’ weaknesses

28 You are a Travel Agent: What do you need to do to help clients make decisions about which travel products to buy Focus on the price of a product Describe the safety factors of a product Create a positive image of a product Explain the tangible features of a product

29 You are a Travel Agent: A client wants to book a cruise. What is the most appropriate action for the you to take? Determine the client’s needs and preferences

30 You are a Travel Agent: Which of the following questions should you ask to determine your customers' needs in order to book them on the appropriate cruise? "Why do you want to take a cruise?" "Where are you interested in going on your cruise?" "Do you like to spend a lot of money on vacation?“ "Why do you want to go on a cruise during this the time of year?"

31 You are a Travel Agent: Attributes
How are you positioning the cruise when it you on the cruise’s physical characteristics? Attributes

32 What type of marketing involves a 5-day Fan Cruise?
You are a Travel Agent: What type of marketing involves a 5-day Fan Cruise? Niche Marketing

33 You are a Travel Agent: What type of service might you recommend to clients who want to tour an area during their extended cruise stop at their own at a leisurely pace? Car rental Motorcoach High-speed train

34 You are a Travel Agent: Standing Room Only
“Mr. Thompson, there are only two ocean view suites left so you may want to book your trip as soon as possible.” What type of sales close is the travel agent using? Standing Room Only

35 Rubric is on Classroom Central
You work as the marketing manager at a new resort .The resort is fully booked during the winter and fall; however reservations decrease substantially during the spring and summer. Develop four vacation packages that would help to increase spring and summer bookings. What features would be included in these packages? Would other businesses in the area be involved? Who would be your target markets? How would you market each package using publicity, personal sales, sales promotion and advertising?

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