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Unit 5 Applying for a Job.

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1 Unit 5 Applying for a Job

2 Task 1 Criteria 1.1 Describe 4 different methods of applying for a job including details about when and why each method may be suitable.

3 Task 1 Criteria 1.1 - Content
Different ways of applying for jobs application forms, CVs, Covering letters, online applications, telephone enquiries, applying in person

4 Task 1 Criteria 1.1 – Exemplar answer
You can apply for a job using inline application forms. This is suitable if the job is listed on a website and they need to collect information or complete a test online for the job.

5 Task 2 Criteria 1.2 Explain how and where job application information may be accessed.

6 Task 2 Criteria 1.2 - Content
from human resources departments, company/organisation websites, job search websites, local and national media, employment agencies (job centres)

7 Task 2 Criteria 1.2 – Exemplar answer
You can access job information from a companies HR department by contacting them directly for details about the job and how to apply.

8 Task 3 Criteria 2.1 List at least 4 pieces of information that you would like to include in your application and say why this is relevant to the job role

9 Task 3 Criteria 2.1 - content
references, certificates, club or group memberships, relevant information eg include reference from voluntary work at an animal shelter to support application for work at a veterinary clinic, refer to achievements at local sports club in covering letter for work at a gym

10 Task 3 Criteria 2.1 – Exemplar answer
I will include evidence of my work experience at Tesco to support the job I am applying for in a retail shop. I will include this because it shows the type of worker I was in that environment and how well I worked in retail.

11 Task 3 Criteria 2.1 Prepare your evidence to support your job application

12 Task 3 Criteria 2.2 Prepare an appropriate job application for potential job role and personal statement.

13 Task 4 Criteria 2.3 For each of the job roles chosen in Task 3, you must explain how your own achievements are relevant to each role.

14 Task 5 Criteria 2.3 and 2.4 Check your application for changes that need to be made and highlight them and annotate the changes made. Provide an analysis of the effectiveness of job application in matching skills and knowledge to the job and meeting its intended audience and suggest improvements.

15 Task 5 Criteria 2.3 and 2.4 – Exemplar answer
My personal statement talks about my skills which are relevant to the job. This helps to inform the employer that I have thought about my suitability for the role. To improve me personal statement I should expand on the experience I have had that is relevant like working with E3.

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