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Re-engineering: Partnerships for Industry, Education and Workforce Indiana Energy Consortium.

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1 Re-engineering: Partnerships for Industry, Education and Workforce Indiana Energy Consortium

2 Why an Energy Consortium? The Challenge Collaborate within the industry to maintain an efficient pipeline of workers into the industry Create utility-specific training/education to assure that quality workers are available Capture the critical knowledge that is being lost due to an aging (retiring) workforce

3 Vision or Mission Statement Create an ongoing partnership between energy industries, education and workforce development organizations to assure that an adequate supply of qualified, skilled workers are available to meet the needs of the energy industry in Indiana.

4 Partners Industry Partners AEP Alcoa Power Plant Citizens Gas COOP/REMC Duke Energy Indiana Power and Light Miller Pipeline Nipsco NiSource Vectren, Inc Education Partners Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana Indiana Department of Workforce Development Vincennes University

5 Ivy Tech Locations

6 Electric Service Territories

7 Gas Service Territories

8 Structure of the Group A master planning team was established to provide general direction with 3 subcommittees assigned to address specific needs: –Curriculum –Marketing (Energy Academies is a sub committee) –Funding The subcommittees goals are flexible to meet the changing priorities.

9 Curriculum Subcommittee Strategic Objectives Review established programs offered by Ivy Tech Community College to determine the fit with the needs of the Energy Industry Identify and establish new program offerings to address current and future industry workforce needs, building cognitive abilities, analytical and critical thinking skills Identify skill sets and career paths for common industry positions

10 Marketing Subcommittee Strategic Objectives Increase audience awareness/knowledge about “non-traditional” route for education and experience Increase audience awareness/knowledge about career options/track in energy industry Increase audience awareness/knowledge about the national and regional industry challenges Increase audience awareness/knowledge about energy industry being vital to well-being and economic development of communities

11 Funding Subcommittee Strategic Objectives Provide ongoing resources to recruit candidates and develop a skilled workforce for the energy industry in the state of Indiana Develop strategies for funding scholarships, internships and other student focused opportunities Collect aggregate data from the companies

12 Roles Industry Education Workforce Development ( DWD, Economic Development…) Industry Specific Organizations ( IEA, MEA, CEWD…)

13 Goals Establish an Advisory Board to assure that curriculum meets industry needs Gather benchmark data from other colleges Develop specialty programs to address the curriculum needs Develop alternative delivery methodologies to provide opportunity for a diverse range of potential students Establish linkages with support organizations to ensure sustainability Develop and implement a marketing and recruitment plan designed to attract students to careers in the industry Upgrade the image of the industry in terms of desirability for employment

14 Accomplishments Ivy Tech Community College has approved three (3) specialty areas within the Industrial Maintenance Associate Degree program –Electrical Line Technology –Power Plant Technology –Natural Gas Technology A marketing plan has been developed and is being implemented A proposal for a Federal Earmark is pending approval in October Participation represents Energy Companies that support the entire State of Indiana Planning for Energy Academies for 5 th and 6 th graders is underway

15 Challenges Changing the image of the Energy Industry Filling the pipeline of students preparing for energy careers Keeping students in Indiana due to competition for skilled workers in other energy companies Sustaining the effort for long-term results Obtaining funding for equipment and marketing

16 Where do we go from here…. The November 2007 meeting will be a Strategic Planning meeting for 2008 Preparation for an Annual Report Summary to be sent to key stakeholders outlining accomplishments, vision and 2008 goals Ivy Tech has plans to transition the specialty programs to full degree programs under an Energy Technology Associate Degree Program which will also encompass Ethanol and other alternative fuels A separate group is meeting with Purdue University to discuss a parallel consortium for engineering positions Who knows!

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