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ESPON OPEN SEMINAR Opportunities and threats for territorial cohesion: Blue Growth and Urban Poverty.

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1 ESPON OPEN SEMINAR Opportunities and threats for territorial cohesion: Blue Growth and Urban Poverty

2 EU Maritime Policy A more coherent approach to maritime issues Increased coordination between different policy areas Blue Growth: Seas and oceans, drivers for the European economy with great potential for innovation and growth C Theophilou - DG MARE 2

3 The Current Context Crisis-hit Europe The EU's reaction to the crisis The way forward Growth and jobs for recovery and social cohesion Prevent jobless recovery Fiscal stability Structural reforms Unleash the the untapped potential of the economy C Theophilou - DG MARE 3

4 The blue economy today (€ bn) BLUE ECONOMY now: 5.4 million jobs € 500 million GVA In 2020: 7 million jobs € 600 million GVA C Theophilou - DG MARE 4

5 Blue Growth The blue economy of tomorrow 90% of EU’s external trade and 40% of trade within the EU is seaborne Sustainable long-term growth by reducing our carbon footprint We must use the sea as land and freshwater become more scarce and expensive Potential for high-value jobs and exports Revitalizing traditional sectors and letting new ones emerge C Theophilou - DG MARE 5

6 Blue Growth => 5 focus sectors Ocean Energy Maritime and Coastal Tourism Aquaculture Seabed Mining Blue Biotechnology Blue Growth C Theophilou - DG MARE 6

7 Ocean Energy Communication adopted on 20 January Offshore wind can cover 4% of EU electricity demand and reach 170,000 jobs by 2020. Wave and Tidal energy will follow in future, having a high potential particularly in the Atlantic and North Sea C Theophilou - DG MARE 7

8 Blue Growth Ocean Energy Key data Offshore wind energy = 20% share of RES by 2020 10% of installed capacity in 2011, 58 000 EU jobs and €2.4 billion annual investments Offshore wind 4% of EU electricity demand by 2020 and 14% by 2030 By 2030 offshore capacity will exceed that of onshore €3.3 billion EIB loans for offshore wind projects 2005-2011 C Theophilou - DG MARE 8

9 Coastal & Maritime Tourism 2.6 million employed = 1.1% of total EU employment Cruise industry: 10% annual growth for last 10 years Cruise tourism: annual turnover of € 14.5 billion; nearly 150,000 jobs. C Theophilou - DG MARE 9

10 Blue Growth EU receives 52% of all international tourist arrivals worldwide 534 million arrivals in 2012, 18 million more than in 2011 3.4 million enterprises, 15.2 million jobs 51% of bed capacity across EU in coastal areas Coasts chosen by more than 60% of EU holiday makers Cruise direct turnover € 14.5 billion and 150,000 jobs Most popular cruise destinations in Europe - Italy, Spain and Greece (2-2.5 million persons/year each) Employment in coastal tourism: EU avg.= 1.1%. Cyprus (8.6%), Malta (7.2%), Greece (3.7%), Spain (3.3%) C Theophilou - DG MARE 10 EU Maritime Tourism - Key data

11 Aquaculture 90,000 jobs in Europe Production stagnant COM is helping MS to exchange know- how and to boost competitiveness of the sector C Theophilou - DG MARE 11

12 Blue Growth Aquaculture Key data EU aquaculture = 20% of fish production, 65 000 direct jobs + 15,000 indirect 90% of aquaculture businesses are SMEs Greek aquaculture: 123 000 tons, €500 million turnover, 10 500 jobs 80% of Greek production is exported C Theophilou - DG MARE 12

13 Blue Biotechnology Sector is expected to grow due to increasing demand for biotech products:Sector is expected to grow due to increasing demand for biotech products: Pharmaceuticals and cosmeticsPharmaceuticals and cosmetics Food, feed and chemicalsFood, feed and chemicals BiofuelsBiofuels Environmental protectionEnvironmental protection C Theophilou - DG MARE 13

14 Marine Mineral Resources Seabed Mapping & Mining Non-energy raw materials: annual price increase of about 15% between 2000 and 2010. Global annual turnover of marine mineral mining expected to grow to €5 billion in the next 10 years, up to €10 billion by 2030. C Theophilou - DG MARE 14

15 Communication on Innovation in the Blue Economy: realising the potential of our seas and oceans for jobs and growth Communication published in May Follows up on the 2011 Communication on Blue Growth Innovation across all blue economy sectors is crucial C Theophilou - DG MARE 15

16 Newly adopted EMFF funds BG… C Theophilou - DG MARE 16

17 Blue Growth What is needed? Maritime Spatial Planning Research for innovation Better skills Marine knowledge Maritime Security Strategy Maritime Zones Blue Innovation (Communication in spring 2014) C Theophilou - DG MARE 17

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